Iodine Deficiency


 It has been said that iodine deficiency has caused more human suffering and death than both world wars combined. That's pretty scary, that's a boatload of people. There are so many different afflictions associated with iodine deficiency, including cancer, it seems the medical establishment has been thriving off of our misery.

 Why? Why don't we know more about this seemingly simple fix? I mean it's just a basic mineral right? Something that used to be in our food. What's the big deal? What could it hurt to leave out 1 mineral? Why all the fuss? I guess you have to be realistic right? I mean, if the maladies and afflictions arising from iodine deficiency are so widespread and profitable, why on God's green earth would they want us to know about it?

 Medicine is a business just like everything else. Sorry to burst your bubble but, the medical industry is an extremely profit driven business. It's really not all that different from wall street. We are in a massive bull market right now when it comes to our health. Sickness and disease stocks are gaining value at an unprecedented rate.

 Because of our modern day farming practices and the profit driven desires of the food corporations, the availability of key nutrients and minerals in our soil has been abused, overused and depleted. Unfortunately that minor (cough), issue, doesn't slow the harvest. They've discovered that most crops grow just fine in NPK soil. The big three, (Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium). Keeping it simple stupid right?

 Why bother with all those other silly minerals. It's more cost efficient to leave them out. People aren't going to bite into something and say hey, I can't taste any minerals in this. If profits increase by cutting a few corners, then everybody's happy. Everybody wins right? Sadly, that cost efficient, profit driven mindset isn't even close to being body sufficient.

 Our bodies were designed to function and thrive with all the essential and life sustaining treasures from Mother Earth. She is our lifeline to robust, vibrant and enduring health. What happens to our bodies when you take away those vital treasures? It's not a pretty picture. Not from what I see. Are you happy and excited about the way you look and feel? Actually, the majority of us have been mineral deficient for so long, we don't even have a clue what really good is supposed to feel like.

 Iodine deficiency is especially alarming for the simple fact that in a healthy body, iodine should be detectable in every organ and every cell in the body. Again, I know you hate it when I repeat myself but, that was every cell and every organ. Hmmm

 Iodine is especially critical for proper functioning of the thyroid gland, ovaries, breasts and prostate. There is also more than convincing evidence that iodine deficiency greatly increases the incidence of thyroid and breast cancer. Iodine plays a very important role in the body's system of elimination by inducing programmed cell death, (apoptosis), and by destroying errant cells that pose a threat to the balance and stability of the immune system. That sounds pretty important, don't you think?

 Iodine has a very specific protective effect against many common poisons and other pathogens relating to our ever increasing toxic environment. Iodine supplementation greatly increases antioxidant activity and positively enhances our immune system.

 So why isn't iodine deficiency and the suffering effects of its absence, front page news? If it is so critical to good health and so necessary to every organ and every cell in the body, especially the endocrine system, why has your doctor forgot to mention it? Sadly,I can hear that jeopardy song playing in the background.

 In a series of random tests they discovered that 100% of cancer sufferers were deficient in this all so crucial, life enhancing, trace mineral. That doesn't leave much room for doubt. 100% makes a pretty strong and powerful impact. Here's part of the reason why,.

 The medical schools have been grossly misled through a mistaken conclusion perpetuated by two well known and highly respected researchers. The experiment was titled the Wolff-Chaikoff effect. This flawed, unverified and uncontested scientific conclusion unfortunately made its way into the medical textbooks. The unsubstantiated and ill conceived dangers of iodine have since been a part of the curriculum passed on to at least 3 generations of doctors.

 The Wolff-Chaikoff effect was an influential paper published in 1948 that claimed iodine was dangerous and could potentially stop the thyroid gland from functioning. It was all based on junk science. No one ever took the time to fact check the research or reproduce the study. What's up with that?

 Further iodine research was then put on the shelf and the ill prophesied prediction of iodine making you terribly sick gained momentum. It was even enforced as a fundamental mandate of physiology. It more or less became law and gained its prominence solely on the irrefutable and pretentious credentials of Wolff and Chaikoff, alumni from UC Berkeley and the National Institutes of Health. Who would dare argue with anything coming out of such esteemed institutions of knowledge and integrity? Really? Someone dropped the ball on this one.

 How many concepts or supposed truths have you believed simply because someone of prominence or stature told you they were true. I'm sorry but the arrogance of that line of reasoning is beyond disturbing, especially when the implications on peoples lives are so maliciously affected.

 The Wolff-Chaikoff effect has finally been exposed and taken apart with verifiable and conclusive, undeniable modern day scientific research. Thanks to the initial work of Dr. Guy Abraham, the iodine movement and its enormous benefits are finally being implemented and realized.

 Dr. David Brownstein now carries on the work initiated by Dr. Guy Abraham. There are many others working closely together to re-educate the public about this sad and short-sighted misrepresentation of iodine's supreme importance. The dramatic effects need to be acknowledged and re-introduced into our modern day health care system.

 Sad to say, the World Health Organization estimates that over 2 billion people worldwide may be iodine deficient. That's also a really big group of people. Did you know that iodine deficiency can also lead to brain damage?

 Iodine deficiency has even been linked to autism in children. How do small children develop iodine deficiency? Obviously, iodine deficient mothers. Iodine supplementation is especially crucial for pregnant mothers. Science is now questioning whether or not iodine deficient mothers are more likely to give birth to children with developmental and neurological disorders such as ADHD and autism.

 Underproduction of thyroxin in the thyroid, due to a lack of sufficient iodine levels has been linked to weakened neural connections in the brain. This deficiency can lead to fetal hypothyroidism and actual brain damage in the unborn child. In fact, the World Health Organization also claims that iodine deficiency is the world's greatest single cause of preventable mental retardation. Low iodine levels is the world's leading cause of intellectual deficiency. Wouldn't it be nice if these were more than little known facts?

 This really needs to get more attention. Other issues and or symptoms of iodine deficiency include thyroid enlargement (goiter), low energy, depression, anxiety, cognitive and perceptual reasoning, Graves disease, Hashimoto's disease and a greater susceptibility to illness with the bodies reduced ability to bio-synthesize food into usable sized nutrients.

 Ok, it only makes sense. Iodine is necessary for proper thyroid hormone production and we all know how many issues are related to hormonal fluctuations and deficiencies. Why do doctors automatically prescribe a pharmaceutical? Iodine is a basic mineral. Why don't they ever address the underlying cause of our condition. How about nutrients and minerals instead of pharmaceuticals? As far as I know, our bodies are not ailing from a lack of some man-made chemical laced, pharmaceutical drugs.

 Trust me, it's all here, or at least it all used to be here. Then man interfered. Instead of respecting nature and the natural evolution of our ecosystem and soil, man intervened and disturbed that simple yet delicate balance. Profits seem to have taken precedence over our well-being. It doesn't seem to matter if cancer and other life stealing afflictions get in the way.

 Iodine deficiency has been very strongly linked to breast cancer. You should read that again. Breast cancer is out of control. Breasts are one of the main storage sites for iodine other than the thyroid. Iodine both concentrates in the breast and secretes from the breast. A deficiency in Iodine will actually alter the structure and functions of the breast. This is something that should not be taken lightly. We need to see less pink ribbons in our world.

 Addressing this iodine deficiency should be higher on the list and mandatory in the fight against cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. Oh and lets not forget the tired all the time, low libido and your hair falling out.

 A 65 year old female was complaining about fatigue and swelling of the neck. She also admitted she was tired all the time. Tired when she woke up in the morning, tired during the day and tired when she went to bed at night. At the time, she was taking Synthroid for a hypothyroid condition. Upon examination, her thyroid was swollen 2 times its original size and an ultrasound confirmed multiple thyroid nodules bilaterally with a sizable cystic nodule in the isthmus. Not what she wanted to hear.

 While awaiting a biopsy, she was started on 50mg iodine/iodide (Iodoral). Experimental observations show diseased breast tissue taking up more iodine than healthy breast tissue. After 6 weeks on the Iodoral, iodine/iodide pills, this same woman returned for her ultrasound guided biopsy. Oddly, the radiologist could not clearly define or distinguish the previously noted nodules with certainty and no further examination or biopsy was necessary. Hmmmmm, who would have thought? Could it be, iodine deficiency?

 Another 45 year old woman was being treated for hypothyroidism. She was suffering from fatigue, her hair falling out and fibrocystic breast disease. She was seriously considering a mastectomy. This poor woman's breasts were so tender, she could not wear a bra. She was advised to avoid caffeine and started on birth control pills to treat her fibrocystic breasts. Of course, that sounds reasonable. She had fibrocystic breast disease from a lack of some chemical hormone in birth control pills. Really? Lucky for her, she could not tolerate the birth control pills.

 Further testing determined she was extremely low on iodine excretion. She was then started on 50mg iodine/iodide (Iodoral) tablets. After 8 weeks of iodine supplementation, her exams revealed no signs whatsoever of fibrocystic breast disease and she is now, unbelievably, completely pain free. Hmmm.

 The antiseptic properties of iodine are well established. Iodine is used to sterilize nearly any and all surfaces in hospitals because of its ability to destroy hazardous microorganisms and bacteria. Because of its ability to kill health destroying microorganisms such as enteric bacteria, enteric viruses, fungi, bacterial viruses and protozoan cysts, many doctors profess it to be the best antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic of all time. It even kills more common pathogens such as staphylococcus and is reportedly an excellent treatment in the fight against mononucleosis.

 Magnesium, selenium and iodine are the 3 most deficient minerals in our bodies. Iodine is essential for the synthesis of the thyroid hormone, thyroxine. Selenium dependent enzymes are also required for the conversion of thyroxine (T4) to the biologically active thyroid hormone (T3). Selenium is of primary importance for the conversion of T4 to T3 in the liver.

 Because of our over exposure to mercury from vaccines, the dentists chair and other environmental factors, our sources and stores of selenium are reaching epidemic proportions too. Mercury strips the body of selenium because of selenium’s great affinity for mercury. This makes selenium the perfect antidote for mercury exposure and toxicity.

 Symptoms of iodine deficiency can be; cold hands and feet, muscle cramps, weight gain, memory issues, depression, constipation, headaches, inflammation, myalgia, weakness, dry skin, losing your hair and brittle nails.

 Ironically, iodine sufficiency is critical to counter the side effects of thyroid hormone medications. Try and wrap your head around that one. Any long term use of these drugs is associated with depletion of thyroid and tissue iodine levels along with increased rates of cancer.

 Thyroid hormones have 2 major physiological effects. They increase protein synthesis in virtually every tissue in the body and they help increase oxygen consumption.

 These thyroid hormones are essential for a healthy life. They regulate key biochemical reactions, especially protein synthesis and enzymatic activities in target organs such as; the developing brain, heart, muscle, pituitary and kidney. Iodine helps us utilize our proteins properly. Because of this function, an iodine deficient person will typically be protein deficient too.

 Lugol's iodine solution has been the supplement of choice for many and was used extensively in the first half of the twentieth century. Nearly all U.S. physicians used it as a universal panacea for a variety of various illnesses and afflictions. They weren't exactly sure what it did in the body but whatever it did, they had overwhelmingly positive results.


 Documented research has also shown iodine to have remarkable healing effects on breast and ovarian cysts. Russian studies determined that the greater the iodine deficiency, the greater the potential number of cysts in the ovaries. High doses of iodine has also been found to increase libido in men and women.

 High doses, up to 6 times the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) has been used safely for months to treat excessive mucous in chronic lung disease. Iodine is typically also found in large doses in the brain (including those parts associated with Parkinson’s) and the ciliary body of the eye, a possible factor to consider in multiple cases of glaucoma.

 In France, a physician mistakenly gave a tincture of iodine to a woman with Graves disease. He had meant to prescribe Digitalis. Surprisingly, this woman recovered within 3 weeks. When the doctor discovered what he had done, he took her off of the iodine and switched her back over to Digitalis, her symptoms soon returned. He then decided to switch her back over to the iodine where she once again achieved complete remission.

 Research has shown iodine deficiency to be a common occurrence in cardiovascular disease. They also concluded after further testing that supplementation with iodine had a definitive and very positive impact on cardiovascular diseased patients.

 In an experiment, physicians placed an 80 year old woman on a special supplement for 6 months at 50mg of elemental iodine daily. The woman shortly thereafter reported a tremendous increase in energy, endurance, memory and well being. At approximately 6 months, all of her skin peeled off and was replaced with new, younger looking skin. Needless to say she was quite pleased with her new appearance.

 Older women and men, especially those over age 65 who are supplementing with iodine are reporting a major difference in energy both physically and mentally.

 Investigations into over 4,000 patients taking anywhere from 12.5 to 50mg and 100mg daily for those with diabetes, have reported that it does reverse fibrocystic disease. Diabetics required less insulin, hypothyroid patients required less thyroid medication, symptoms of fibromyalgia were resolved, and patients with migraine headaches literally stopped having them. They are expecting even greater results when the iodine is combined with magnesium chloride.

 Iodine is utilized by every single hormone receptor in the body. The absence of this critical mineral causes a hormonal dysfunction that can be seen with practically every hormone inside of the body. You wonder why your hormones are so confused.

 There are different forms of iodine available. Lugol's is probably the most recognized iodine supplement. Lugol's is a liquid solution available in different strengths. Typically 2-5% solutions.

 There are 2 major forms of iodine important to the body. Iodide is the form recognized by the thyroid gland while the other form of iodine is needed by the mammary and other glands. When we supplement with iodine, we need both of these forms. Sad to say, iodized salt is far from being complete. Iodized salt is totally and completely inadequate.

 Lugol's solution has both forms of iodine. It is also available in tablet form known as Iodoral. Many researchers and medical professionals believe that iodine deficiency is directly related to the high rate of chronic diseases and other disorders today.

 There are typically 2 tests necessary to evaluate sufficient iodine levels in a person's body. A TSH or blood test evaluates thyroid function and a urine test measures the amount of iodine in the body.

 A TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test is the test typically used by doctors to diagnose hypothyroidism. An iodine "loading test" is necessary to determine levels of iodine elsewhere in the body. This method begins by taking a sample of urine early in the morning. This helps to establish a baseline value for the patient. The patient is then given 50mg of iodine as a "loading dose." After this loading dose, a 24 hour collection of urine will determine how much iodine/iodide is excreted.

 This test will more effectively help doctors determine the proper dosing schedule to prescribe. If you decide to have your thyroid and your current iodine levels evaluated, and I highly recommend you do, be sure they include the iodine "loading test."

 Most doctors rely solely on a TSH blood test to determine whether or not you need a pharmaceutical chemical added to your diet. Stop the madness! Pharmaceuticals are not the answer. It's a simple, need to have nutrient. Just be sure you are monitored and or regulated by a trained and knowledgeable health care professional familiar with the proper protocols.

 If it is determined you are iodine deficient and more than likely you are, there is a prescribed sequence of events to make your transition from iodine deficient to iodine sufficient more comfortable.

 Iodine is a part of elements known as halogens. The halogens consist of bromine, fluorine, chlorine, iodine and astatine. They are a family of elements that form similar salt like compounds in combination with sodium and many metals. All are found on the periodic table of elements.

 Bromine and iodine are very similar in size and weight. Because of this fact, the two compete for and bind to the same receptors in the body, especially in the thyroid gland. This creates problems when bromine displaces where iodine should be. Because of our lack of iodine, the hormone produced by the thyroid gland becomes brominated instead of iodinated. This greatly disrupts proper thyroid function.

 The only way the body can eliminate bromine is if iodine is present. I know this may be getting a little too technical but stay with me, I am going to try my best to make this make sense, that way you will know what you need to do and why you need to do it.

 Bromine toxicity can lead to many thyroid related issues, including Grave's disease, Hashimoto's disease and hypothyroidism. The problems surrounding bromine intoxication include depression, headaches, fatigue, delirium, schizophrenia, hallucinations, apathy, difficulty concentrating, irritability and psycho-motor retardation.

 The more iodine deficient you are, the more these effects are increased. So how did we get all this bromine in our body in the first place? Where is it all coming from?

 Bromide, a reduced form of bromine, is typically used in place of chlorine in hot tubs and swimming pools. Bromide is also sprayed on crops and is used as a fumigant for termites and other pests. Bromine toxicity has even been reported in certain carbonated drinks which contain brominated vegetable oils. Even today, bromine can be found in some over the counter and prescription medications. Bromine also replaced iodine in the 1980's in bakery products.

 A small study found breast cancer patients with bromide levels nearly 2 times higher in the breast cancer group compared to the control group. Fluoride is the next toxic halide we are over exposed to but that's another chapter in and of itself.

 These toxic halides need to be cleansed from the body. Keeping your body well hydrated is very important. Unrefined Himalayan or Celtic sea salt will help remove bromine/bromide from your cells and will assist in the detoxification process, ¼ teaspoon a couple of times a day in some warm filtered water so it dissolves. Don't just jump into a 50mg dose of iodine without adding supplements to help displace and eliminate the bromine first.

 Adding 2000-6000mg of vitamins C will help stimulate pathways along with selenium. All this will help to clear the bromine from your body as you slowly increase your iodine intake. Helping your body and cells eliminate the bromine with the above recommended supplements will help to alleviate any side effects from displacing the bromine too rapidly. As you displace the bromine, the iodine will find and bind to those same receptors.

 Could it really be this simple? Will you change anything? I know, you have more faith in your prescriptions. This sounds like too much work. The pharmaceutical companies already did all the work for you. You just need to take a little pill and your all better right? How do you feel right now? Confident your doctor is doing all he or she can to keep you thriving and cancer free? How has he or she been doing so far? How many prescription medications are you currently taking? Did they tell you they would heal you? Are you miraculously cured?

 If you have been sleeping through all of this, you need to decide to take charge of your own life and health. We can keep it simple or make it hard and complicated. The conventional approach in many cases is only adding additional side effects to the problem. Maybe that light bulb moment is on its way, just for you. Maybe you need a higher watt bulb for you to finally see that the bulb has been shining all along.

 Just remember that the medical establishment is a profit driven business. Sure, your doctor signed up initially to help make a difference, to enrich people's lives, to heal their afflictions. Then they found out how much power, control and influence the pharmaceutical companies have over their actions and decisions. They found out they didn't always have the final say. There were rules to follow. Rules that changed the game.

 I'm not trying to discredit doctors or the hardworking angels (nurses) that care for so many on a daily basis. They certainly save millions of lives everyday. It's the prescription side of the game. If they can obscure the cure and acquire a lifelong, medication dependent customer, then life is good and all is well but, well for who? You do the math.

 What is the number 1 key to a successful business? Repeat clientele and a happy and smiling Benjamin Franklin as CEO, the founding father of our modern day conventional reality.

 Does the fact that people taking iodine supplementation reporting a greater sense of well being, increased energy and better mental clarity stir any emotions? They also report people feeling warmer in cold climates, needing much less sleep, a marked increase in libido, improved skin complexion, bald patches and hair growing back and more regular and consistent bowel movements. I know, a little too personal but, you know you love a good bowel movement, if not now then someday.

 Anyways, so many benefits without taking a prescription. Such a simple, harmless concept. Definitely not good for business. It's time to change their business or, would it actually be your business? I think it's yours if you consider it's your health, your well-being, your future, your quality of life and ultimately how you decide to live that life. What will your future look like? I hope that what you just read at least helps you make a better informed, well educated, life enhancing decision towards that better life. Iodine deficiency doesn't have to be a condition in your life. Your choice, you can either address or suppress...