Artificial Sweeteners: Is Aspartame Safe?

 Is aspartame safe? That is the multi-billion dollar question. When the diet and obesity problems associated with refined sugar consumption exploded onto the scene, food manufacturers were at a crossroads. How to re-market their sugar laced products to the less than conscientious world of consumers...

 Most consumers are stupid anyway, right? We believe what they tell us, we believe that we're protected from false or misleading information. If only honesty and integrity still meant something!!!


 Although the scientific results were unavailable to substantiate the safety of artificial sweeteners, it seems a high profile power play of greed helped to sweep the far reaching implications of scientific research under the rug. That is, the legitimate scientific research; the real deal. Certainly not the research we were led to believe was factual!

 Think of the money making implications of an artificial sweetener, just when the world was awakening to the sad facts of refined sugar's contribution to our state of health and our ever increasing waist size!!!

 The thought of re-labeling a myriad of products sugar free, sent the wallets of far too many greed monkeys into the stratosphere. They never even considered "Is aspartame safe?"

 Unfortunately, our long term health was of the least concern. As usual, the priority was to follow the money. The health implications are far too long to even mention!!! Although I will mention a few, but you already knew that. Nevertheless, your quality of life hangs in the balance...But who cares, right, certainly not the ones who are supposed to care and protect people from harmful food products reaching mainstream consumerism.

 I know that there are far too many trusting souls out there that would never believe that our government or the FDA (the organizations that are supposed to be protecting our health) would ever allow something so evil in it's long term manifestation to be ok'd for mass consumption...

 I know, it's another conspiracy but, listen to the facts, follow the logic. This country raises and spends billions of dollars on health related research, so why are we inundated with massive health care costs, escalating sickness and disease, and oh yeah, those cures that never seem to materialize!!!


 Aspartame, splenda, nutrasweet, equal, they sound so harmless. Kinda like a warm bubble bath...Can't you just imagine that soothing sugar free sweetener, melting the pounds off in buckets. No sugar, sugar free, the marketing catch phrase that makes us feel better about our latest weight conscious decision to buy something healthier.

 Many scientists believe it has contributed to the "dumbing down of America". Statistics reveal that America, as a society, is producing far too many students with lower IQ's, and a drastic reduction of students with higher IQ's. It's been called a "chemical dumbing down of society!" You can draw your own conclusion to the question, is aspartame safe? Hmmmmm

 It's interesting to note that many interviews were given from, of course, the top executives of the main producers of aspartame. These interviews amplified the massive research compiled denoting the complete safety of aspartame consumption; that it was extensively studied and found to have no adverse effects. Hmmmm again.

 Just the opposite was true for a non-special interest group of independent researchers who were truly interested in the facts, and had no affiliation with aspartame manufacturing & or profits...

 Surprisingly, cough, they were unable to obtain aspartame from these same extensively studied research companies that manufactured aspartame. They had to find a back door, independent, to supply them with the aspartame needed for a double blind study, scary for the manufacturer's, they might stumble on their less than transparent conclusions!!!


 It's a big pill to swallow but they put up road blocks anywhere and everywhere to try and dissuade these independent researchers from obtaining aspartame. Here's a really sick bit of trivia, there are over 6,000 products in the supermarket containing aspartame ( or one of its clones) it's all the same crap. Big bucks!!! Aspartame sucks!!!

 Not to mention the coincidence of tumors, especially brain tumors associated with these sugar free substitutes. Over 100 independent studies have been conducted on aspartame with well over 90% of the results pointing to significant health risks... There are over 90 different symptoms associated with aspartame in a secret FDA report. It was proven in 1985 that aspartame is unstable and breaks down into formaldehyde, formic acid, methyl alcohol, diketopipeerazine and various other toxins!

 Did you catch that formaldehyde thing? I guess we're cutting the mortician a little slack by self-embalming ourselves before the big day! Oh, and the methyl alcohol, that's a volatile flammable poisonous liquid! That should be enough to get you thinking without expounding on the other two chemicals!

 They did a study on 7 monkeys using aspartame, out of which 1 died and 5 had grand mal seizures. The links of artificial sweeteners to so many afflictions is reaching epidemic proportions. They have found a significant reduction in the severity of symptoms by the removal of these sweeteners from the diet...

  Many chronic diseases & side effects from these by-products of aspartame consumption remain silent for a long period of time. Misleading are the many chronic diseases that suddenly manifest, in reality, that have been building up for a long period of time!!! On a more despicable note, a double blind study showed conclusive evidence that aspartame consumption was responsible for severe health problems and death.


 It's really rather serious if you think about something brewing inside your body that may not rear it's ugly head for years down the road! I mention this because I know there are those of you that say, I've been using this sweetener for years and I feel fine, or those of you slamming down the diet whatever's! You know who you are! I won't mention you by name.

 These studies were conducted in 1984, the Searle company, the producers of aspartame ordered all records and results destroyed. The leading doctor conducting the studies has conveniently disappeared since the approval of aspartame in 1981.

 Seems a bit odd that the commissioner of the FDA said no to "is aspartame safe" for public consumption, he was subsequently fired, and when Reagan took office, a new commissioner was appointed who readily approved this evil concoction into the loving hands of the un-assuming, weight conscious, ill-educated public. Capitalism in it's finest hour! Feeling a bit queasy yet?

 Sugar substitutes like aspartame, splenda, equal & nutrasweet are all multi billion dollar businesses. There is news that a new user friendly name for aspartame (Amino sweet) is being considered. Many people are becoming wise to the dangers of aspartame and are sensibly looking for its inclusion in the ingredients list on various products. Be informed, they know how to play the game. The names will be changed to protect their innocence. Ha! Not funny but true


 The approval of aspartame was also the most contested in FDA history. If you suffer from any type of neurological, neuro-muscular or any other malady that is eluding a firm diagnosis, examine your intake of these highly poisonous artificial sweeteners...

 The multiple class action lawsuits against aspartame and it's more commonly known marketing names should be alarming enough for more people to take notice.

 The significant jump in various ailments and disease's, most notably, tumors and brain tumors following on the heels from the release of these sweeteners into our food supply, should ring the proverbial bell. Is aspartame safe? It sure seems like the answer should be a big, fat, are you kidding me?

 Wake up and take some notes. Someone needs to pay for this gross and negligent deception to the consumer. Heaven knows far to many consumers have already paid the ultimate price for this twisted, covert, mis-leading cover up.

 Many are currently in the throes of ill health and many in the future to follow if more people don't demand to see and know what lies (literally) in the cleverly buried research and hidden agendas!!!


  There was a story about a man who developed seizures, they were not a trait common in his family history and doctors were perplexed as to what could be the cause. So he was put on anti-seizure medication. One day he was telling a friend his story and how much he hated taking the medication, how they made him feel and how the doctors couldn't tell him why he had developed this condition.

 Curiously, his friend mentioned the diet coke in his hand and said, "you pound those diet cokes all day, everyday, maybe that has something to do with it." Hmmmmmm. Light bulb moment! He decided to quit the diet cokes and weaned himself off the seizure medication. He hasn't had a problem since. That was a long time ago. And you thought drinking diet was healthier. Shame on them!

 How many people do you know that abuse artificial sweeteners? How many do you know that have illnesses with a less than certain diagnosis? Have any friends that drink diet soda's all day? Yeh, I know, me too. My brother's name keeps coming up.

The world needs to get kicked in the back side & learn for themselves about this less than kosher, sweetener from hell. You do the same, don't you think? This is you and your families quality of life on the line.

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Michael Elliott - Herbalist/Contemporary Nutritionist/Health Coach