Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency...What's Ailing You?

 Does calcium deficiency really play that big a role in our quality of life? We were all raised with the perception that milk, because of the calcium, does a body good right? Milk is supposed to fulfill that mandatory need we have for calcium, especially growing up. It is a mandatory need you know, calcium, not milk. Milk and dairy is supposed to be the Holy Grail of our calcium deficiency dilemma. We've been told that it prevents osteoporosis and brittle bones, fortify's our teeth and keeps us standing upright.


 At least that's what they keep telling us. Could they have been stretching that claim just a bit, spinning the truth? I mean, does the calcium in milk really fulfill our bodies requirements for calcium and prevent broken and brittle bones? That's a pretty bold proclamation. Is calcium deficiency a thing of the past? Have arthritis and other degenerative diseases been declining ever since the highly advertised, celebrity endorsed, milk mustache? Hmmm.

 You might be in for a big surprise but, maybe you are already aware of our profit driven, conventional, business as usual advertising. Again, you have to follow the money trail.

 Why would the all powerful dairy industry lie to us? Why would they invest so much money into massive marketing campaigns targeting our children to drink more milk? Milk milk milk, it does a body good right? Got milk. Those catch phrases are now a part of our American culture.

 Most kids are too young and innocent to buy into the potential conspiracy concept yet. Maybe if we mentioned that dairy is more than likely responsible for their acne they might pay more attention. Most of them still believe we are protected from anything that might be harmful. Is milk really the elixir of a long and health filled life? Should we drink it for life simply because of the calcium component? Does milk really solve the calcium deficiency epidemic?

 The attributes and benefits of milk are even included and mandatory in the school lunch programs and the WIC food assistance programs. Why? Why would it be mandatory? Is it simply because calcium in milk is that crucial and our skeletons would realistically fall apart without it? Might we have been mislead just a bit? I mean, my mother has been addicted to milk her whole life, she can't go a day without it, and, she is riddled with osteoarthritis and degenerative joint pain.

 The dairy industry more or less forces our children to drink milk and consume copious amounts of dairy. They supposedly need their calcium to fortify and build their strong bones and strong bodies. With so many products, especially dairy, fortified with calcium, our calcium deficiency issue shouldn't be a huge concern anymore, should it? Maybe the dairy industry is just trying to secure a larger, lifelong, loyal customer base, you know, hook'm while there young. Brainwashing at a ripe young age is quite effective.

 The thing is, milk isn't milk anymore. Don't take this the wrong way, raw milk does contain many beneficial nutritional components but, the majority of our modern day cows are treated with too many antibiotics, synthetic hormones, rBGH, pesticides and God knows what else they do to accommodate millions of cows capable of producing billions of gallons of milk and cheese.

 The milk is then pasteurized and homogenized destroying any and all beneficial nutrients. The heat kills all the beneficial microbes too. It's pretty much a dead and lifeless white, semi-translucent liquid. The milk is then fortified with man-made calcium and vitamin D from less than natural processes. It's an acidic, synthetic imitation and, it's difficult to digest for many people.

 If you think about it, there are plenty of other animals on the planet much larger than we are. They don't continue to drink milk to develop their large frames and skeletal structures. Wild animals don't seem to be suffering from degenerative arthritis or degenerative disc disease.

 They don't seem to be suffering from a calcium deficiency. How can this be, they obviously still need their calcium. Where in the heck do these animals get their calcium? If not from milk then where?

 These animals gets their calcium from the soil, from eating grasses and plants rich in calcium, straight from the source. Horses, cows, elephants and hippopotamuses don't drink milk or eat pizza. Some of the healthiest human cultures in the world have no access to milk, cheese or calcium supplements. Why are they so much healthier than Americans who consume copious amounts of milk, cheese and other calcium rich dairy products?

 Sorry, this really isn't a milk article. I have one almost finished but this isn't it. I just wanted to preach the importance of calcium and expose our false assumptions that milk is protecting us and supplying all the beneficial calcium our bodies need on a daily basis. I hope I was at least able to get that point across. Milk does “not” do a body good and no, milk does not supply our bodies daily requirements for this vital to life mineral. Alright, here is the real article.

 Let's start with some really important and undeniable facts. Sometimes facts are hard to find. Same thing with research. If that research doesn't add up or lean the way it's supposed to, someone steps up and makes sure to obscure those facts, you know, spin the lie and make it seem like the truth without any downright, blatant, libelous reciprocation's.

 Corporations pay people with reputable credentials big bucks to spin the research sideways or whichever way makes them look more respectable, believable and deniable too, just in case. They're very good at what they do but, if we want to address the calcium deficiency epidemic, we have to consider nature's side of the story.


 Calcium has been named by more than a few as king of the bio-elements. A small drop in the level of calcium in the body is very closely related to the process of aging as well as the initiation of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, allergies, gallstones and far too many more infirmities to even mention.

 A calcium deficiency is directly related to an acidic saliva pH. It's a great indicator of the acid state of our body fluids. Terminally ill cancer patients will exhibit a bright acidic yellow pH on a litmus paper test. A silly penny's worth of pH paper correlates the acid level of our body fluids and a calcium deficient state. How simple is that?

 Simple is not in our conventional vocabulary. Do you think your doctor would recommend a simple litmus paper test of your pH when he can order up a bone density exam, x-rays, MRI's, CT scans, blood tests and everything else connected to conventional? Everyone has to make their money right? Remember, simple and inexpensive are not an option when dealing with allopathic medicine.

 It's just not good for business. I think people would be more open to Holistic medicine if they realized conventional medicine was more of a business instead of a group of overly concerned loved ones looking out for your best interests. Reality bites sometimes. Of course there are always exceptions.

 Calcium is involved in nearly every biological function in the body. It provides the electrical energy for the heart to beat, blood coagulation, nerve function and for every muscle to move. The calcium ion is responsible for feeding every cell too. It latches on to seven nutrient molecules and one water molecule and pulls them through the nutrient channel into the cell. It then unloads its cargo and returns to repeat the process.


 Calcium ions are also indispensable for DNA replication which is the basis for all body repair and for keeping us youthful, healthy and looking our best. Calcium deficiency levels mean below average body repair and premature wrinkles or aging.

 Besides all of the other numerous functions calcium plays in our biological systems, pH control would have to get the academy award. It is of extreme importance in regulating our acid/alkaline balance. Calcium to an acidic solution is like water to a fire. They do not like each other at all. Sworn enemies for life. On the other side of the story, calcium should be your BFF. The more calcium, the more oxygen, the more oxygen, the more efficient your cells function and the less cancer and other life stealing, degenerative, malfunctioning cellular conditions.

 It all sounds too simple right? Our society is riddled with life stealing afflictions like; cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders etc, etc, etc. Is disease just a part of who we are? Something we all have to endure as a part of the trials and tribulations of our existence? Of course it's not. Why do so many of us believe that? Oh I know but, I better not say.

 Isn't it funny how much money, time, and effort conventional medicine puts into the propaganda campaigns promoting the potentially toxic overuse of vitamins and minerals? How laughable is that? They have the majority of us convinced that vitamins are potentially fatal. They love to use that death tactic to frighten us. You don't have to fear the truth. This is the truth you know.

 Someday, sooner rather than later, people will finally see the light and realize that it's all been a part of a business 101 class they didn't know they were participating in. Surprise, we are all failing. It's all an illusion wrapped in confusion to create more lucrative delusions.

 Of course your doctor never mentions how toxic the prescription drugs he prescribes are. Can you imagine comparing taking 10 times the RDA of vitamin D to taking 10 times the recommended dosage of Coumadin? Which would make you more comfortable? Let's see, God's vitamin from the sun or man's chemical concoction from a science lab? Something natural the body needs or some foreign chemical the body looks at cross-eyed and says “what the ….” Hmmm, I won't go in to the accidental death statistics each year from pharmaceutical medications.

 The vitamin/mineral conundrum is alive and kicking. Who do you believe? Who makes the best argument? Many medical innovators and scientists of the past were chastised and defamed for suggesting anything outside the conventional blueprint for health. God forbid somebody had a better, simpler idea. A Dr. Carl Reich, after treating thousands of patients successfully and pioneering the revolutionary practice of preventative health care, who would have thought, had his license suspended by the medical authorities at the time.

 Dr. Reich also claimed that calcium could cure cancer and other degenerative diseases. The medical establishment at the time believed it to be too simplistic to have any credibility. Makes sense right? If it's too easy, it can't possibly work. If the average layperson can understand it it must be madness. You need a degree to understand the complexities of life saving science right? If it's not complicated it's got to be flawed somehow. Funny how several decades later Dr. Reich's ridiculous and simplistic claims were published and even endorsed in the medical establishments own journals. Here's your sign!

 Part of the reason for our lack of bio-available calcium is our reduced exposure to sunshine. We went from a loincloth and running around half naked to a fully clothed conscious avoidance of the sun. The sun is public enemy number 1 according to the conventional medical authorities right? Wrong!

 Most of us know that vitamin D is produced in the skin by a chemical reaction to sunlight. Here's the real deal, the small intestines contain vitamin D receptors which allow the long chain vitamin D to penetrate deeply into the intestinal wall, leaving its negatively charged oxygen end exposed.

 This allows the positively charged calcium ion to latch onto the negatively charged oxygen end and get drawn into and through the intestinal wall. Simple. That's called nature working in synergy. Filling these vitamin D receptors or VDR's with vitamin D from the sun, allows the body to absorb up to 20 times more of that hard to absorb calcium.

This is not a game. You need quality time out in the sun. It is crucial to your health, and yes, your eyes need sun exposure too, you need to leave your sunglasses off occasionally. These vitamin D receptors are critical and must be filled for the absorption of other nutrients too. It's not negotiable. That means that the more you avoid the sun, the more issues you will eventually have to address later on. The sun should be considered a mandatory daily food source, not our nemesis!

 Ideally, blood should remain at an alkaline pH of 7.4 (7.365 more accurately) in order to retain and maintain its oxygen levels. When the body has adequate mineral consumption, the blood and body fluids are happy and able to maintain an alkaline pH of 7.4. When they are not happy, the body and blood is forced to steal from one another. When this occurs, vital minerals are removed like calcium from saliva, spinal fluids, kidneys, liver, bones and more.

 Whatever it has to do to maintain that critical pH of 7.4. An acid, anaerobic environment initiates the onset of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, lupus, arthritis and other unwelcome degenerative demons.

 This sun induced photosynthesis also results in the production of other hormones including inositol triphosphate, INSP-3 which regulates the extraction of calcium stored in the cells. This process is triggered to supply the cell with calcium when insufficient calcium is ingested and ionized by the vitamin D process. When there is insufficient calcium stored within the cell from a deficiency of vitamin D, the parathyroid gland is stimulated and induces the extraction of calcium from the bones.

 When bones become weakened by this process, the body begins extracting calcium from the proteins that are regulating cell functions. This cellular dysfunction results in a whole host of chronic diseases and uncomfortable symptoms. That's good for the pharmaceutical companies, chronic disease treatment is their specialty. Dr. Reich termed this condition “ionic calcium deficiency syndrome.”

 Dr. Reich was also convinced that calcium deficiency was responsible for symptoms such as indigestion, muscle aches and pains, headaches, chronic arthritis, ileitis, colitis, allergies and even asthma. Calcium together with magnesium can relax the muscles surrounding the bronchial tubes easing symptoms of asthma.

 Calcium also allows for greater nutrient absorption by increasing the permeability of the cell walls. The calcium ion is also an essential part of the electrical activity of the cell and the release of neurotransmitters. I remember those neurotransmitters being fairly important too.

 A world class compilation from dozens of academically recognized scientists concluded that there is a direct link between calcium deficiency and cancer. It also concluded that calcium deficiency was the universal property of all cancer cells.

 Calcium plays a huge role in cellular nutrition and the older we get the more calcium we need for our calcium depleted bodies. In fact, calcium has been referred to as the magic elixir for a long and health filled life. Odd how calcium deposits in the tissues and joints of older people is a sign of the calcium regulatory system adjusting to a severe calcium deficiency. These bony deposits cause pain and reduce movement thereby limiting activity in order to bolster the weakened skeletal structure created by decalcification of the bones or osteoporosis.

 When x-rays and scans show excessive calcification of joints and tissue, patients mistakenly believe they must avoid calcium at all costs. This calcification is typically due to an imbalance of calcium to phosphorus.

 This imbalance is typically caused by over consumption of foods containing high levels of phosphorus such as; meats dairy products and soft drinks. Joint deterioration releases high levels of phosphates. Excess phosphorus at the joints binds with calcium and results in calcification.

 It's a vicious cycle. When cellular calcium levels drop, so does the pH balance of the cell. When the cellular fluid drops below 6.5 it induces the fermentation of glucose. Every glucose molecule, through fermentation, produces two lactic acid molecules. This lactic acid drops the pH value of the cell even further. Lactic acid buildup also causes pain and severely interrupts cellular metabolism.


 It's a pretty straight forward process. We derive energy from the food we eat and most of what we eat ends up as glucose. In order for the cell to turn 1 molecule of glucose into energy it needs oxygen. Six molecules of oxygen to be precise. Through cellular respiration we turn that glucose and oxygen into; six molecules of CO2, six molecules of water and some energy we obviously need.

 In order to use that energy, we have to first turn it into a very specific type of stored energy called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP consists of 1 adenine molecule along with 3 phosphate groups. Simple right? Hence the term, adenosine tri (3) phosphate. This chain of 3 phosphates is very unstable and when 1 of them breaks free it releases energy. Now we have a burst of energy and ADP (adenosine diphosphate). 1 molecule of adenine and 2 phosphate groups.

 When your pH is balanced close to 7.4, (7.365), oxygen is readily available. Through cellular respiration, in the ideal environment, one glucose molecule will generate a bit of heat and 38 molecules of ATP. Nice! That's a big bounty of energy. The process of converting glucose is not quite as simple as that. The process is actually done over 3 separate stages; glycolysis, the krebs cycle and the electron transport chain.


 Glycolysis is the breaking down of glucoses 6 carbon rings into two 3 carbon molecules called pyruvic acids or pyruvate molecules. This is all way too much to cover in this article and I don't want to lose your hard earned attention. I was just trying to explain how crucial an elevated calcium and pH level is to the efficient functioning of our cells. Remember earlier when I said, the more calcium the more oxygen. I didn't just throw that in to be amusing.

 In a low oxygen environment, every function of the cell is inhibited including the removal of toxic leftover cellular waste. You can probably figure out what happens when removal of toxic cellular waste is interrupted. You know how it is when the kitchen waste basket gets full, you know, that smell of dead and rotten foodstuffs? What if you only took out ¼ to ½ of what was in that basket. Imagine the bacteria and smell after awhile, similar deal. No wonder we are sick. You don't want your cells to be constipated.

 With an oxygen rich cellular pH, your body burns or oxidizes glucose quite effectively, releasing ATP energy in the process. It is also quite efficient and effective at eliminating metabolized, toxic cellular debris. Why does it have to be so hard. We just need to play our part and give our body some simple, basic, mandatory nutrition. Instead, it turns into some hard to pronounce misdiagnosed disease and an even harder to pronounce synthetic pharmaceutical medication making it all better.

 Monitoring your pH balance should be taught in grammar school. It's like, spit on this piece of paper and look at the color. Are you acid or alkaline? Think of all the suffering and pain that might be avoided. It's not perfect but, what is? How many people do you know that go from specialist to specialist looking for a solution to a problem that never seems to get resolved?

 It just makes sense. The more calcium and minerals, the higher the pH, the higher the pH (7.4) the more oxygen available, the more oxygen available the more clean energy created and the more efficiently waste is removed. Simple. It has been proven more than once that cancer cannot survive in a oxygen rich environment. In an oxygen rich environment, cells are able to effectively do their job; convert glucose, create energy by producing multiple ATP molecules, initiate DNA synthesis and remove metabolic waste. That's keeping it simple. I don't know about you but simple is pretty cool.

 There are so many cellular actions taking place simultaneously that require oxygen. When it is not present in adequate and abundant amounts, disease and the breakdown of cellular metabolism escalates. How long did we really think we could get by on man-made synthetic, quick and easy, worthless, microwavable nutrition?

 So, instead of calcium being applauded for its undisputed and critical importance in the body, calcium is often times victimized as the culprit in a variety of afflictions. What if those calcium deposits and the too much calcium in the blood (hypercalemia) be the bodies attempt to correct a lack or an imbalance. We're back to hard again. What if we didn't have to get to hard in the first place and calcium deficiency wasn't a keyword in our vocabulary yet?

 Conventional doctors tell you to avoid calcium. When it's not available for so many different bodily functions, the body steals it from wherever it has to, unfortunately, many times that source is from the bones and other undesirable places. Instead of labeling and treating a disease such as hypercalcemia, the issue might be corrected by addressing the ionic calcium deficiency syndrome.

 Elevated calcium blood levels could possibly be the bodies attempt to re-establish your pH from a lack. I'm not saying that is the solution but, what if we never had to get to this point in the first place? What if we just ate real food rich in real, nature made nutrition? Just a thought.

 Decalcification of the bones is a direct result of the body desperately trying to supply the body and organs with calcium. Calcium deficiency is also directly related to our lack of sunshine and vitamin D. Unfiltered sunlight entering through the eyes also causes the pituitary gland to stimulate the parathyroid gland to produce the hormone calcitonin which prevents this decalcification of the bones. It's all a process. We are many times diagnosing symptoms of a natural body correction process.

 What if that cancerous tumor loaded with calcium was a last ditch effort by the body to destroy the tumor? What if all or at least some of these issues were tied to a calcium deficiency? It's certainly something to consider. Your body doesn't just sit idly by and hope your doctor figures out what it needs. That's not going to happen. Just consider that your body is more than likely working on the issue too.

 It's hard to imagine our bodies being so overloaded with calcium, especially when it is so hard for our bodies to absorb. Our bodies typically aren't looking for laboratory created, man-made, pseudo, synthetic calcium.

 The body will instinctively look for it in our diet, the way God designed it or, the way nature designed it, depending on your beliefs, not some imitation 2nd string, super fortified calcium. I'm just saying. We spend far too little time out in the sun for quality, natural vitamin D and our modern day food choices really limit our chances of ingesting any naturally balanced, nature made calcium.

 Even before birth, upon fertilization of the egg, 2 ion fluxes occur subsequent to the initiation of DNA synthesis. In other words, the egg gets flooded with these two elements in order for the process of human development to begin.

 The first being an internal surge of calcium ions and the second being an internal surge of hydrogen ions. This results in the alkalization of the cytoplasm, that's the area between the cell membrane and the nucleus. Sorry, a little technical but I just wanted to bring you up to speed on calcium's magical role in the beginning of life. It also plays an equally important role during our life as well as at the end of our lives.

 For a nutrient that is so necessary to the proper functioning of the body, calcium is one of the most difficult elements for the body to absorb and digest. When calcium is dissolved, it's absorption is totally dependent on the presence of vitamin D as I mentioned earlier. Those VDR's (vitamin D receptors) in the small intestine are there for a reason. Vitamin D is scarce in most foods. Its greatest concentrations in the body depend on exposure to sunlight. You really think that fortified, man-made vitamin D added to our food supply rivals our natural exposure to the sun?

 With our over the top avoidance of the sun, you can see why so many people are calcium deficient. Avoidance of the sun makes the absorption of calcium one of the most difficult feats in nature. Without vitamin D, the majority of any ionized calcium consumed passes straight through the body.

 So here's the deal. The importance of calcium cannot be over stressed. Biologically, the body seems to need around 8-1200 milligrams a day but, with calcium so difficult for the body to absorb, how much calcium do we need to consume daily to actually absorb 8-1200 milligrams? That is the question or, is it?

 The cultures around the world that claim to have lived the longest and lived the longest disease free, claim to consume an astounding 50-100,000 milligrams a day. It's been referred to as the “Milk of the Mountains.” It's fresh glacial run off loaded with life sustaining minerals from living high up in the pristine mountains.

 The Okinawan's consume what is considered the “Milk of the Oceans.” These people seem to remain physically active well into their 80's, 90's and 100's. These old school Okinawan's have the largest percentage of centenarians on the planet. This helps prove the point that you cannot overdose on too much calcium from a naturally balanced mineral source. Whatever the body doesn't need seems to pass harmlessly out of the body through the urine. Because of the benefits of Okinawan coral calcium, many elder Okinawan's have the physical constitution of much younger people.

 It seems these old school Okinawan's have remained physically active because they have been consuming a well balanced supply of sea minerals and beneficial microbes their entire life. They don't eat fast food, they don't eat packaged food, they've never heard of Sara Lee or Lean Cuisine and they don't have microwave ovens. They grow their own food in mineral rich coral sands. There's a clue in here somewhere.

 What if it was all this simple. It's really not that difficult. I know, we just don't have the time or the resources. What if you did? Would you do it? We just accept the fact that we are going to get sick with something and that arthritis and other degenerative diseases are just a part of growing old. It's the American way.

 Okinawan coral calcium is unlike any other coral calcium in the world. Most other coral reefs have significant wave action that washes the coral sands out to sea. Okinawa is a group of very shallow islands with very little wave action. Because of this, the coral sands practically choke the reef to death. Government supervised harvesting practices rejuvenate the reefs and bring them back to life. The volcanic origin of the islands also provides a dramatic amount of other trace marine minerals and metal nutrients.

 Swedish scientists back in 1990 identified marine microbes specific to Okinawa. Because of these rod-like microbes, the absorption of Okinawan coral calcium approaches nearly 100%. There is also substantial evidence that the nutrients in Okinawan coral calcium are absorbed into the system in less than 20 minutes.

 Taking a 250mg antacid product will not provide an adequate amount of calcium for the body. Most claim about 5mg is actually absorbed. Antacids can also cause great harm to the elderly by wiping out their depleting stomach acid supplies. Because coral calcium is absorbed so efficiently and so quickly it does not destroy crucial stomach fluids.

 In a healthy body, the pH of the blood should be somewhere near 7.4, the spinal fluid should also be near 7.4 as well as the saliva. The saliva is a great indicator of the pH of our extra-cellular fluids. Maintaining a pH of 7.4 is crucial for normal DNA synthesis, cell growth, cell function and cell repair.

 Keeping things in perspective, the sun should be considered one of Mother Nature's most nutritious foods, especially on the calcium regulatory system. Sunlight entering the eyes influences the master glands of the endocrine system. Get out in the sun, enjoy your own form of Heliotherapy. It does a body good. The sun that is.

 It's common with any and all seemingly nutritious foods. Other considerations must be present in order for the body to utilize and actually absorb these vital trace minerals. It is not enough to simply eat your portion of fruits and vegetables if those foods were grown in soils lacking the proper trace metals. There is more to it than just trusting store bought produce. It's not enough. It's not complete.

 So many illnesses can be traced back to some type of long term mineral/vitamin deficiency. How many afflictions might be reversed by correcting this ongoing, long term lack. It has been demonstrated during periods of high stress, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B1, B12 and pantothenic acid are consumed by the body at a phenomenal rates.

 This just opens the door for even further decline. With our fast paced, stress filled lifestyles, continuing to eat a mineral/vitamin deficient diet is downright frightening. If what minimal nutrients we do ingest get burned up so quickly because of our fight or flight everyday life, imagine the battle to survive our bodies are struggling with everyday. It's not a pretty picture. You can do something about it if you're interested. We can always do something.

 To understand the importance of calcium and other minerals in our diet, scientists studied some of the cultures around the world that had the lowest incidences of cancer, heart disease, degenerative disease, diabetes and mental disorders.

 These were cultures that have been untouched by heavy western influence and western food. The Hopi Indians and Eskimo cultures were also included in this list until they started eating the good old American diet. Within these cultures, the big three western diseases virtually do not exist. No cancer, no heart disease, no diabetes. They also seem to avoid Alzheimer's and other mental disorders.

 There have also been claims that they live decades longer. These claims have fairly recently been disputed. Whether or not they live decades longer is unclear and probably untrue. It seems many of these tribes have been less than accurate and honest when stating their actual ages. The majority lack any type of documentation to back up their centenarian plus claims. Another consideration is the rise in tourism by slanting and distorting the truth about their longevity.

 Regardless, the vast majority of these cultures have no doctors, no hospitals, no pharmacies and no protective government institutions protecting their health. It's hard to believe they could possibly have greater health than our illustrious medical conglomerate. We are blessed with major technological medical advances, state of the art hospitals, managed medical care, along with highly trained and credentialed medical practitioners and diagnostic procedures. How can this be?

 A common factor is that many of these people consume 100 times the recommended daily allowance of life sustaining minerals set by our medical authority. Surprisingly, many also consume large amounts of raw butter, unprocessed salt, eggs from actual free range fowl, raw unpasteurized milk and plenty of natural, unadulterated animal fat. All those horrible foods we are supposed to avoid like the ebola virus.

 What if we ignored the government RDA for vitamins and minerals? What if we just ate a well balanced diet that hasn't been denigrated by western preservation? What if we paid more attention to our pH. It's not 100% accurate all of the time but it's dam close and a great indicator of our current condition. You have to be a bit curious. Many people die from a compromised immune system rather than the disease itself. What if we got a better handle on regulating our pH and strengthened our immune defenses.

 What if cancer, arthritis, lupus, mental disorders, allergies, asthma and other immune system malfunctions were all associated with a severe calcium and mineral deficiency? You really think all the calcium/vitamin D fortified milk and other dairy products do the same job as naturally balanced calcium and other minerals from food sources (especially coral) along with naturally synthesized vitamin D from the sun? I know I'm repeating myself but, maybe if you hear it enough times you'll remember it.

 The wonders of coral calcium and vitamin D along with the other vital minerals and metals cannot be overstated. The Okinawan's reported a 400% increase in crop production when coral sand was used as a fertilizer. Chickens produced more eggs and cows produced more milk. Spanish explorers were so enamored with its benefits they filled their cargo holds with the coral sand and brought it back to Spain.

 Okinawan coral calcium has now spread throughout the world for its healing benefits. The coral calcium from Okinawa is said to have the perfect biological ratio of calcium to magnesium. A 2 to 1 ratio at 24% calcium to 12% magnesium. Coral calcium is also a rich source of iron containing nearly 1000 ppm. Most calcium supplements are in the 2-3% absorption range. The high end calcium supplements about 15%. Balanced by nature is always going to be your best option. There is a link at the bottom of this page for high quality Okinawan Coral Calcium...

 Conclusion: Our escalating mineral/vitamin deficiency disorder needs to be corrected by a properly balanced whole foods diet. Calcium deficiency should never happen. When we correct our deficiencies through whole food nutrition we don't need to enter into the recommended daily allowance debacle.

 Medical science will never agree unanimously and emphatically on what our daily allowance should be. I like the idea of cutting man out of the equation. Our creator did not design the human body to survive on stand alone, isolated nutrition. We don't just have a vitamin A or a vitamin B6 deficiency. We have a whole food deficiency. Our bodies may need vitamin A and vitamin B6 but, they also need the thousands of other micro-nutrients found when we consume minerals/vitamins in their whole and complete form. It's called synergy.

 Remember when I said it's simple. We are the ones that turn it into something hard. We have specialists in every field simply because we have made it so hard. Many times these specialists can't even nail down a definitive diagnosis. I believe we can avoid getting to hard by changing the way we eat.

 It's part of the reason why I only support whole food supplements like Juice Plus. It's as close as you can get to the real thing. Juice Plus also has a food label instead of a supplement label, it's food! I also support vertical farming. Now there is no excuse for not eating mineral/vitamin rich fruits and vegetables fresh off the vine. The Tower Garden is an aeroponic vertical growing system that anyone can fit comfortably on their balcony or patio deck.

 I promise this isn't an advertisement. Imagine growing 3 different types of lettuce on your Tower Garden. Now imagine those 3 different types of lettuce you just bought in the grocery store. They were picked 10 days ago in Mexico or Brazil where God only knows what they were subjected to. By the time they make it to your plate they have been through the system.  The sad part is that fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional potency the longer after the harvest to consumption.

 We need fruits and vegetables grown in mineral rich soils or mineral rich aqueous solutions and we need them fresh fresh fresh, not picked 2 weeks before their prime simply because of shipping and time decay. We need complete nutrition from whole foods, whole fruits and whole vegetables. Imagine cutting your greens fresh off the vine straight to your plate. Don't let calcium deficiency become a part of your future. In the end, we all have choices. What will you decide? Who's guarding your health?