How To Cure Heart Disease

 I think that the majority of the population would be interested in knowing how to cure heart disease. After all, cardiovascular/heart disease is one of the leading causes of death today in the U.S and it is the number 1 killer of women.

 It's one of the big 3, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Of course, surgeries and or expensive treatments for cardiovascular disease are also one of the most profit driven procedures of modern times. Don't get me wrong, they do save lives but, what if a good majority of these procedures could be avoided? What if we really did know how to cure heart disease without conventional intervention? That could really piss off a lot of people.

 Contrary to popular belief and actual real world statistics, the question concerning how to cure heart disease by conventional methods has purposely gone unanswered. Sure, they'll set you up with a package deal of bypass surgeries, stents, angioplasties and long term prescription medications, that's their forte, their livelihood. Keeping it simple, that's their paycheck.

 Sadly, they'll never even mention the possibility of inexpensive, all natural treatments that might work. I know, that's not what you've been lied, I mean, led to believe. In fact, I'm sure your doctor would even laugh if you happened to mention something unconventional, totally natural and God forbid, inexpensive. Inexpensive can't possibly work, can it? You get what you pay for right?

 The medical conglomerate works very hard at discrediting natural, non-invasive treatments for anything. They need to make us feel inept for even considering something so unbelievably absurd. They have the majority of us wrapped up in their conventional thinking anyways. Shame on us for even considering a different approach.

 We spend billions of dollars a year on conventional treatments for heart disease. That's a big bank account to protect. You can see where they get their motivation. If you want to find out how to cure heart disease, I recommend you at least consider some very interesting and patented revelations.

 By the way, has your doctor ever mentioned vitamin or mineral deficiencies as a possible precursor to heart disease? What about diet? Environmental factors? Alternatives? No? That doesn't seem right, don't they swear to the "Do no harm" ideology? It's in the oath last time I checked.

Bad Analogy

 Where, when and why were so many led astray. We live under the illusion that the medical establishment is some sort of benevolent & all protective loving mother. They just want to make it all better and as painless as possible, right?

 It's really not all that different from going into the hardware store to buy a hammer, if you need a hammer and they have a more expensive hammer that nets them a greater profit, are they going to try and sell you the better hammer? Of course they are.

 You need the hammer. Plus, their hammer is the safest and the most widely recognized hammer in the world. They have that persuasion advantage on their side too, after all, your decision could determine whether or not you live or whether or not you die.

 That's a pretty powerful spade in the hole. A very potent persuasion tactic. Of course you are going to go for the all inclusive deal of the day. They also have that urgency card they like to play. It's your life they're talking about and you could be dead any minute depending on what you decide.

 It's a monumental decision. But wait, isn't that all the more reason to explore your options and the possibility of any and all reasonable alternatives? I mean, aren't these surgeries dangerous too or are they just too common now to even worry about?

 Dietary and lifestyle changes have proven many times to open up coronary artery obstructions. Sadly, this simplistic fix does not produce any revenue for the conventional medical establishment. Too many doctors prefer sending their patients into surgery or prescribing costly, recurring, lifelong, side effect laden, prescription medications.

 Are they sending their patients into these costly procedures because that is all they know? That is all they were taught in school? How many do you think are completely unaware of these alternatives? They're pretty sharp cookies. Who knows, maybe they are just as blind as the rest of us. Should we give them the benefit of the doubt? You tell me.

 I remember reading an interview with a very successful, very well known cardiologist that worked for one of the most respected heart disease hospitals in the world. One day he found himself reminiscing about how he had entered into the medical profession with the desire to help people, to actually have an impact on the quality of their life.

 He realized that the conventional treatments he was implementing were very traumatic and sometimes very painful for his patients to endure. Was he really helping them? Were they really better off now from his mainstream recommendations and procedures?

 Sure, his expertise and skill were helping to suppress some very critical issues but, was he really having an effect on their quality of life? He didn't think he was. It certainly wasn't what he signed up for, that much he knew. He wanted more from his education, he wanted to make their lives better, not harder with seemingly endless complications.

 So many times his efforts resulted in more pain, more suffering, more surgeries and more prescription medications. That's when he finally decided to explore the potential for alternatives. Could diet and lifestyle changes really have such a dramatic effect? Could they really be that powerful?

 What he discovered was astonishing, not only did diet have a profound effect on his patients overall well-being, it actually initiated the process of reversing and healing their heart disease. This went against all his conventional education. Heart disease was not curable, it was not reversible, it was a lifelong affliction that needed to be managed for the rest of the patients life.

 His patients began experiencing dramatic results simply by implementing diet and lifestyle changes. Their bodies were beginning to mend without conventional intervention, without surgery, without medications. They were experiencing total transformations simply by utilizing vitamins, minerals and what they put into their mouth.

 After experiencing such great success with his own patients, he decided to try reasoning with some of his colleagues. He kindly asked if they would be willing to send their patients to him for a second opinion prior to sending them into the operating room.

 He tried to explain the miraculous results he was achieving. He also explained how important he thought it was for their patients to be informed, to be given any and all possible options before submitting to the knife and or surgery. He tried to explain that it was their moral obligation as doctors to be as open and honest as possible, to always maintain the best interests of their patients. It should be the patients choice, not the doctors trying to make a sale.

 Well, they laughed at him. One remarked, "You mean, I spend all this time and effort going to medical school, I'm making buckets full of cash, and you want me to tell my patients they can cure their heart disease with broccoli and brussell sprouts?" “Are you flipping kidding me?” Sad to say, he never received any referrals.

 We are suffering from basic vitamin and mineral deficiencies not pharmaceutical or surgical deficiencies. Since when do you cure anything by cutting something out or bypassing a faulty body part. What created the failure? Won't it just happen again? History repeats itself right?

 If you had a chance to read my article on the "High Cholesterol Myth" you would understand that cholesterol levels are actually a poor indicator of heart disease, yet, they continue to be the leading scare tactic used to seal the deal and begin the sequence of costly and dangerous, conventional medical maneuvers. You'll never understand how to cure heart disease following this paradigm.


What's A Cure Anyways?

 The answer itself is confusing and misleading. How to cure heart disease? Is it considered a cure if you remedied the situation by adding a foreign, chemical laced pharmaceutical to help manage it? Same thing, is it considered a cure if you had to bypass a defective body part with another body part and re-arrange some of the plumbing? That sounds more like a temporary fix instead of a cure.

 I thought a cure was something that miraculously remedied itself and would not recur because you uncovered and addressed the reason for the meltdown in the first place, not repaired the damage with an aftermarket body part. What do you think? The information you are about to read will certainly put a kink in what you thought you knew about heart disease.

 There have been numerous studies proving that patients receiving typical conventional medical therapies and or procedures, do far worse than those who were treated with non-invasive, cough, “do no harm” therapies.

 It's another one of those esteemed medical procedures touted as a miracle advance in modern medicine. How lucky are we? "I'm going to have bypass surgery tomorrow." Holy cow, we're almost proud to be in the loop.

 We share it with anyone and everyone then compare notes. "I had a triple bypass" oh, "my dad had 2 triple bypass surgeries, the first one failed." "Oh yeah, my sister had quadruple bypass surgery" it's almost like a badge of honor, the I one upped you pride filled boast.

 What if it was completely reversible with diet and supplementation? Something so mind alteringly simple? I know that's not a word but I'm using it anyways. Patients deserve to be given a choice. They need to have it all laid out on the table, chances are, that's where they're going to end up anyways, laid out on a table.

 This is a huge quality and quantity of life decision. Once you bypass a body part, you can't go back and un-bypass it. Well, I guess you probably could but, that could turn into an ugly mess.


Headline News

 Vitamin C has proven to reduce heart disease rates by over 50%. This was documented in 11,000 Americans over a 10 year period. Vitamin E cuts heart disease rates by more then 1/3 (documented by 36,000 Americans over 6 years), Beta Carotene also cuts heart disease rates almost in half (documented in 36,000 Americans).

 Again, you would think that this news and these breakthroughs would at least be above the fold in every leading media publication. A mad rush to be first to tell the world. Then reality sets in and you blink. Seems the song remains the same.

 We have been thoroughly brainwashed into thinking that conventional medicine is our one stop shop, our hope for health home depot. Why look any further. Why go anywhere else? We have it all. It's really sad to think of all the suffering when it might have been avoided.

 In the 1950's, 2 researchers claimed that vitamin E was highly effective against cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. That was 60 years ago. Unfortunately, they were laughed at. 60 years later, the Harvard School of Public Health initiated a study and found that a measly 100 units of vitamin E a day decreased the death rate by 40%.

 What if they wouldn't have laughed 50-60 years ago. What if they were euphoric and elated with this life altering information? How many fates may have been changed? How many lives might have been saved?

We're talking about people's lives, not something that takes a couple of inches off your waistline. When do you get mad? When do you decide that maybe there is something to this deficiency epidemic? When do you start questioning your doctor?

Mechanism Of Action

 In 1989, a German team discovered that only Lp(a) was found inside the aortas of people who had died of heart disease. They didn't find any ordinary LDL (low density lipoprotein) in the arteries near the heart.

 Here is a brief, slightly confusing but very understandable description of what they discovered. Vitamin C (ascorbate) deficiency is the precondition and common denominator for cardiovascular disease. The consequences of chronic vitamin C (ascorbate) deficiency is the loosening of connective tissue in the vascular wall and the loss of endothelial barrier function.

 The mechanisms that lead to cardiovascular disease are primarily defense mechanisms that the body uses in its attempt to stabilize this loosening of connective tissue in the vascular wall. A frequent mechanism is the deposition of lipoproteins, especially lipoprotein (a), Lp(a) for short, in the vascular wall. With a lack of vitamin C (ascorbate), these defense mechanisms are overdone and can lead to cardiovascular disease.

 In other words, occlusive cardiovascular disease (heart disease) is essentially a repair process. Damage to the walls of blood vessels (lesions), are a necessary precondition for the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in humans.

They also discovered that this Lp(a) binds to strands of lysine (an amino acid) protruding from weak and damaged blood vessels.

Linus Pauling & Matthias Rath M.D.


 Two time nobel prize winner Linus Pauling and his German associate Matthias Rath, M.D. have uncovered an effective cure for heart disease. In a quote from Linus Pauling's last interview he stated: "I think we can almost get complete control of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes by the proper use of vitamin C & lysine...even cure it." In other words they had a very definitive and proven scientific conclusion of how to cure heart disease.

 Linus Pauling also stated: "Knowing that lysyl residues are what causes Lp(a) to stick to the wall of the artery and form atherosclerotic plaques, any physical chemist would say at once that to prevent that, put the amino acid lysine in the blood to a greater extent than it is normally."

 Lysine is an essential amino acid. We need about a gram a day to keep in protein balance. By putting extra lysine molecules in the blood, they enter into competition with the lysyl residues on the wall of the arteries. This helps prevent Lp(a) from being deposited and it also helps to pull loose and destroy other atherosclerotic plaques.

 That really wasn't all that confusing, was it? Ok, take a breath and keep reading. If you don't quite understand it, just go back and read it again. It seems pretty logical, and you need to digest the mechanism of action. Why it works and how it works. Think of the implications if we knew how to cure heart disease. This needs to be a serious consideration.

 Including a good quality vitamin C (ascorbate) supplement could prevent this destructive event from occurring. The conclusions point to vitamin C (ascorbate) deficiency as the primary cause of cardiovascular disease although, there will always be other factors to consider.

 Heart patients need to be concerned with the proper dosages. Vitamin C and lysine are both essentials required for life in smaller amounts. The consideration would involve how much and for how long to resolve or at the very least, greatly improve your particular situation.

Shhh, Don't Tell Anyone

 This Pauling/Rath unified vitamin C theory of heart disease constitutes one of the greatest potential breakthroughs in medical science. This remarkable theory and the claim that a very low cost Lp(a) binding inhibitor will prevent and ultimately dissolve arterial blockages has very conveniently been unrecognized or acknowledged by the pharmaceutical industry, the medical profession and the media.

 It runs hand in hand with the suppressed, all natural cures for cancer. The more confusion and illusion they can create by publishing anti-natural news propaganda, the less likely people will believe it to be true. We were raised on conventional conditioning. The medical establishment just needs to offer up “reasonable doubt” and we mistakenly swallow the bait, hook, line and sinker.

 Think about it. I'm sure you already have some recollection in your head that's telling you; I heard somewhere that too much vitamin C is bad for you, that you just end up pissing it out in your urine or that Linus Pauling was totally and undeniably delusional. The misinformation campaigns are very persuasive and have been in effect for a very long time.

 Create just a morsel of confusion, a scent of suspicion and the patient will nearly always surrender to the esteemed advice of their conventional doctor. It's magical how we are so easily swayed to deny even good old fashioned facts.

 It really isn't going to hurt you to find out for yourself, I mean it's not like you have to cut off a limb to see if it works. What are the benefits if it really does work? Are you really willing to ignore all this? Chalk it up to hearsay? Really?

 The up side is that we need these 2 nutrients regardless of what they say right? You believe that much I hope. The most dreaded and horrifying side effect from taking too much vitamin C is diarrhea. Pretty scary.

 Of course your body will need to get acclimated to the high doses of vitamin C. If diarrhea results, back off a bit and adjust your dosage from there. Incremental increases in a reasonable progression is always the most sensible approach.

 The majority of people have never heard of this therapy and regrettably, a good majority never will. There have been absolutely zero published studies and or reports. That should at least raise an eyebrow or two.

 Legitimate testimonials from patients have consistently reported symptom relief in as little as 10 days, even in very advanced cases. I know, it doesn't sound feasible let alone remotely believable.

 They report the effect to be rapid and undeniable. The reasons behind why people have never heard of this are not based on science, they are based rather on malfeasance, a fiduciary responsibility, a blatant violation of the public trust. Boy, have we been violated, raped of information is probably a more appropriate description.

 The National Institute of Health refuses to study the Pauling/Rath therapy. You can probably guess as to the reason why. How to cure heart disease is a simple therapy. Take high doses of 2 key nutrients required for life.

 The high doses recommended by Linus Pauling are the key to success. The good news is that neither nutrient has any known lethal toxic dose in any animal or human studies.

Interesting Side Notes

 Animals, other than guinea pigs, manufacture their own vitamin C. In experiments, when guinea pigs were deprived of vitamin C, they died a horrible, scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) type of death in a matter of weeks. When fed the U.S. RDA equivalent for humans, they lived, unfortunately, they still developed atherosclerosis.

 When the guinea pigs were fed high doses, the equivalent of 5-6 grams in humans, they thrived with no signs of atherosclerosis whatsoever. Hmm

 Humans, as well as guinea pigs, cannot manufacture a single molecule of vitamin C. It must be obtained through diet and or supplementation.


 Interesting to note that Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath M.D. were awarded patents in 1993 and 1994 for providing evidence that clogged arteries could be opened up in vivo (occurring within a living organism).

 Their invention consisted of dipping plaque coated human organs, during transplant surgery, into a vitamin C and lysine solution. The plaque on the surface of the organs was melted away by this vitamin C/lysine solution.

 This therapy has proven many times over to help a vast number of heart disease patients. If the person can be helped and or cured by this therapy, they will typically know within a month whether or not it is having any effect. Some have experienced relief even sooner.

 There are obviously other considerations that need to be addressed. You need to consult with a medical professional willing to monitor your progress and results. The key is maintaining the therapy in high doses.

 Pauling recommends anyone at risk for heart disease take 5-6 grams of vitamin C and at least 2 grams of lysine daily. Larger amounts may be necessary depending on your particular situation.

 Some patients begin feeling so well that they stop the therapy. This can lead to a relapse. You need to stay the course. Those at risk or currently in the mix may eventually reduce down somewhat in the future but, it is highly advised and recommended to continue for life. Literally, for life.

 The heart surgery/bypass business is on fire. It is a mega, multi-billion dollar a year industry. You can choose not to be a part of the statistics or you can choose to remain within the conventional status quo.

 Bypass surgery has now become a common household utterance. Almost as prolific as the common cold. It doesn't have to be this way. You still have a choice. It's just sad that many times our choices are bound and disguised in the pretense of fear.

 Fear is a very powerful emotion. Fear can determine the course of your life. You can either live in it or you can choose to walk through it. There is hope on the other side. Choose to walk through it and share this breakthrough discovery with the people around you.

 What if it really worked for you or someone in your family. What if it substantially lessened the chances of a cardiovascular event occurring in the life of someone you love? What would you do if you knew how to cure heart disease? Who could you help with this information?

 Pauling's ideas, experiments and methodologies were not well received by the mainstream medical authority. The reluctance of many to accept this powerful yet simple prescription for health is perpetually re-enforced by this classic response, "If it were true, everybody would know."

 Regretfully, the battle remains firmly in place with those opposed to Pauling's revolutionary findings and conclusions. Added effort was obviously needed to discredit someone recognized as one of the greatest scientific minds of the twentieth century.

 We will never figure out how to cure heart disease until some of us are willing and courageous enough to apply these discoveries for ourselves. They seem pretty harmless compared to what we endure following conventional recommendations.

 Ultimately, we need to somehow sift and sort through the logic for ourselves. What would these people have to gain by recommending vitamins instead of costly prescription drugs and surgeries? Are they affiliates for a vitamin C company?

 You can also look at the other side and ask a similar question. What would the medical community stand to lose if vitamins and minerals replaced prescription drugs and surgeries? I won't bother answering that but, it's definitely something worthy of reflection.

 Note: There is and has been a movement in place for many years trying to totally discredit and annihilate Linus Pauling's theories and his discoveries. They offer up very convincing evidence and articles to keep you right where they want you to be. Their financial future depends on it.

 They need to keep you forever loyal to allopathic medicine. Don't be surprised to find degrading, disrespectful and downright malicious information regarding the sanity of Linus Pauling. I think they call it character assassination.

 To find out what others have to say that finally decided to question their doctors authority and their conventional recommendations, click on the link below.

 Where all of this information ends up, fundamentally, becomes everybody's responsibility. Because, in the end, we are all inextricably tied together, heart, spirit and soul and where we go one, we go all...

If you still have a hard time believing all this I highly recommend reading this book. It will enlighten you even further and describe why conventional medicine doesn't want you to know this information. Worth the small investment for the priceless information.

If you still have a hard time believing all this I highly recommend reading this book. It will enlighten you even further and describe why conventional medicine doesn't want you to know this information. Worth the small investment for the priceless information.