Meat Diet...Is meat really our best source of protein?

  As the world grows more affluent and the reach of the excesses of the western diet continue to grow, so does the consumption of animal based foods. After all, you work hard all week, what's better than cracking out the barbecue and sizzling up a fresh rib-eye or porterhouse steak. The high meat diet is the latest craze, right?

  It's an American way of life, the meat and potatoes we grew up on. It's whats for dinner and it carries a label of perceived success along with it. No more rice and beans. We have finally arrived when we can bring home more than the bacon at every meal!

 What we don't realize is the process of getting that meat to the supermarket and what effect that meat has on our health. But then, were not supposed to know. The meat and dairy industry is a very large and powerful wrecking ball of authority.

 They have unlimited funds (that would be buckets of cash) to write the policy on nutrition and health, Including the funds to influence our largest government institutions, charities, universities and God help us, even our medical schools...

 Did you know that the U.S. Grows and kills around 10 billion animals a year. Billions not millions, that's a really big number when you think about it. You have probably heard this before but, 1 million seconds ago is 11 days 13 hours, 1 billion seconds is 31 ½ years ago. See what I mean? 10 billion animals a year so we can eat the meat diet...

Gone are the days of the mom and pop family farms where everything was recycled back into the Earth and the cow's and other livestock were allowed to graze freely on the diet they were designed to consume and digest. Remember grasses? Now our meat is produced by CAFO's (Contained Animal Feeding Operations). Although the factory farms have been good for prices, they have not been so good for the health of the consumer, the health of the planet or the health of the animals raised in these confined living conditions...

  It's just good business to give the consumers and the producers what they want, more meat.  Nobody wants to hear, where's the beef? All they are interested in is cheap prices and growing profits for the factory farms (CAFO's). They have genetically engineered the perfect broiler, laying hen, pig and cow. Perfect has nothing to do with healthy, it just has to have the right taste, grow fast and be produced with the bottom line in mind.

  The idea is to keep the animal alive long enough to be slaughtered standing up, if possible. The ones that don't make it are ground up and fed to other farm animals. We must not waste right?

  It's too bad what goes in one end has to come out the other end! You'll never think about poop in the same way again. Part of the reason why they are given massive doses of antibiotics is the fact that they are raised in confined living conditions, unfortunately they still have to poop. If you haven't noticed, animals are not shy at all where or when they decide to let loose! They don't have to find a secret spot somewhere behind a tree or drop their shorts somewhere behind a locked and closed door. They'll poop on your shoes if your not paying attention.

  This causes major contagion issue's. A typical pig factory farm will produce 7.2 million pounds of poop annually, a chicken broiler facility, 6.6 million pounds, and a typical cattle feedlot about 344 million pounds annually. I won't even mention the methane gas issues from feeding the majority a corn based diet. Holy crap!

  Farmed animals produce about 130 times as much waste as the human population, about 87,000 pounds a second. That is around 1.37 billion tons a year, billion tons, remember that billion seconds ago? That's a lot of crap don't you think? And you want to promote the meat diet? Really? You think we can handle more poop?

  So your probably wondering what happens to all that. Ok maybe not, but you knew I was going to tell you anyways.  It certainly doesn't get sent to a sewage treatment facility, even though the polluting strength is 160 times greater than our own raw sewage, and no, there are no federal guidelines in place to direct what happens to it. Is this sign an oxymoron or what? How on Earth can you have a sanitary sewage lagoon, and if it is sanitary, why do we have to keep out? You can scratch your head or crinkle your eyebrows if you think it will help.

  Pig manure has 10 to 100 times more concentrated pathogens than human waste. So where does it all go? Well, they store it in poop lagoons, lagoons or lakes of toxic animal excrement, Lake Tomuchcaca, and yes, the livestock raised for our food supply share this same facility. Can you imagine the fly infestation?

  This surplus of animal dung has made its way into our water supply from ruptured lagoon barriers. The largest spill happened in North Carolina at the headwaters of the New River. Two times bigger than the Exxon Valdez spill. A 120,000 square foot hog poop lagoon dumped 25.8 million gallons into the river! It was so toxic it burned your skin if you touched it.

  It took 2 months to make its way 16 miles to the ocean. Every living creature died in that 16 mile stretch of river. A normal spill pollutes local wells and drinking water so when residents turn on their faucet it smells like the local barnyard sewer.

 Raising livestock has a larger impact on greenhouse gases than all transportation combined. Yes you heard that right, all transportation combined, not just mini-bikes and scooters. All the planes, trains, automobiles, etc. It's hard to believe that the CAFO's (contained animal feeding operations) are raising 60 billion animals a year for our dinner tables worldwide. The meat diet that is all the rage is adding untold misery to the environment...

 I really don't want to sound too animal activist but someone needs to take notice about what is happening to our planet. We are literally destroying it with our insane addiction to meat. The animals that were given to us all had their place and purpose in our massively intricate ecosystem.

Everyone figures they'll wait and let the next generation deal with it. We can't be bothered, we have too much other stuff on our plate right now, cough, yes, literally on our plate and it's typically not fruits and vegetables.

  The number 1 factor in the deforestation of Latin America's rain forests is for cattle grazing and clearing to grow more grains to feed more livestock. Did I mention that grains are not a natural feed for livestock, their bodies were designed to digest grasses, nutrient rich grasses. God didn't plant millions of acres of wild corn blanketing our hillsides to make sure there was plenty of food for our livestock to eat.

  Every second an area the size of a football field is destroyed completely. The number of species of birds in just 1 square mile of rainforest is more than exists in all of North America. Our rich biodiversity is critical to the structure of our fragile habitats and ecosystems that support all living things on this planet. Strong ecosystems regulate our climate, the oxygen content of our air and the flood damage from major storms.

  That's a very basic explanation, we both know how intricate and detailed our system is with everything being tied together ecologically and biologically.

  Scientists and biologists estimate that the normal rate of extinction is around 10-25 species a year. Because of our incessant lust for meat and our deforestation of ecosystems worldwide, we are losing several thousand species a year. The meat diet will just increase demand and escalate the need for more land and more crops to feed the meat...

  The CAFO's have set up operations worldwide, especially in the countries that can't afford to keep them out. They come complete with deforestation, massive animal sewage lagoons and the greenhouse gases they produce. Talk about ruining the neighborhood. The poor folks that used to have a home in these areas cannot even open their windows  now because the air is so toxic...

  Not only that but our agricultural practices are also fouling our oceans. The massive amounts of chemical and nitrogen based fertilizers we pour onto the land ends up in our rivers and streams where it eventually makes its way to the ocean.

  The nitrogen stimulates the growth of algae which eventually dies and sinks to the bottom. Bacteria consume the dead algae and the oxygen in the water. Oceanographers call these areas dead zones, where nothing that uses oxygen to live can survive...

  The cramped, overcrowded conditions our cows, pigs and chickens have to endure is inhumane at best. The immobility of not even being able to turn around, the poisonous air from the massive excrement lagoons and the holy terror of the killing floor flood these animals with fear hormones that saturate through their entire immune systems.

 We're eating those fear hormones also, and no, they are not the feel good endorphins we all crave. These are the holy crap I'm going to be killed hormones! They end up with massive infections, microbes, parasites and fungi that, once established, run rampant throughout the rest of the population.

  This is why they are infused with heavy duty antibiotics, vaccines and doused with chemical insecticides. Without these chemical infusions they would die and majorly effect the bottom line of the CAFO's (contained animal feeding operations). Remember it is in the interest of these CAFO's to keep the animal alive just long enough to be able to walk into the kill zone or death chute.

  Many are shoved live onto sharp hooks where they dangle on the assembly line waiting to be shot in the head with the bolt bullet. From there they have their bellies opened up with a rush of blood and entrails. The other animals waiting their turn witness all of this! Maybe now would be a good time for a lunch break . Maybe a Happy meal would put a smile on your face. Finger licking good right? Wait, I think that's chicken.

  The point is that the Earth cannot sustain a meat devouring and ever escalating meat eating population. It just does not have the resources. It's not just activists being crazy and getting in our business. We are killing the planet. Depleting its topsoil, exhausting its clean water reserves and destroying the Earth's rainforests which we rely on for oxygen.

  Did you know that it takes about 3,000 gallons of water to grow enough feed for a quarter pound hamburger. Water for agriculture accounts for 75% of the total world's consumption. It takes between 500-1000 gallons of water to fill a cows udders with enough milk to make about a quart. Here's the thing, it only takes about 100 liters of water to produce a kilo of potatoes, it takes about 13,000 liters of water to produce the equivalent of beef...

 Specialists at the USC Agricultural extension found that it took over 5,000 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of California beef. That's enough water for a full year of 7 minute showers. Does the word drought come to mind?

  We are sadly depleting our underground aquifers. They took millions of years to create and we are depleting, polluting and destroying them in record time. It would be wise to take notice of the ever increasing difficulties in finding clean water to drink! Stop and think about how much money you spend a year on clean drinking water. Why is it such a huge, ever expanding market. I don't think the cowboys ever wondered whether or not they had enough Crystal Geysers in their saddle bags.

  You probably don't even remember a time when you could find clean water to drink without buying a bottle somewhere. It's so sad when the addition of 2 toxic chemicals, chlorine & fluoride, added to our water supply is safer to drink than not adding it. I'm not saying you have to throw away your barbecue. Maybe just a little less beef and a lot more fruits and vegetables.

  We certainly can't keep taking the Earth for granite. Really? That was intentional, it's not granite, it's a living, breathing, extraordinarily diverse and fragile miracle of a planet that sustains life, our life! I recommend you research the affect the meat diet  has had on long term , die hard, dieters.

  Oh and before I let this all sink in, I want to touch on the oxygen thing again. Remember that invisible gas we all need to breathe? It helps us stay upright and our bodies functioning properly? Well, plants and trees produce oxygen but, you already knew that, just a little reminder. We use the oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide which the plants use. They feed us, we feed them. See how were all connected?

  You really can't throw out the baby with the bath water, can you? If we continue cutting down all the plants and trees so we can feed more beef, we will all end up as dead carcasses, problem is there won't be anything or anyone left alive that can clean up the mess, cause all the plants and the trees will be gone. Sad to say they took the oxygen with them!

  Maybe we could find a way to make bricks and build our houses from animal dung. I find it hard to imagine what the poop pile from 10 billion animals looks like everyday. We will have eternally transformed our planet. The Earth will be known as the planet of poop or the planet of the corn. We will return to the soil. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

  Maybe we could all try and eat one less burger a week, dedicate a day to fruits and vegetables. Complex carbohydrate day, it should be an international holiday. After all it is what's supposed to be for breakfast and for dinner. If your body could talk, actually in a way it does, seems we are all sick with something, why? Could unnatural, chemical and antibiotic laden animals, animals that were fed food their bodies were not designed to assimilate and metabolize have anything to do with it.

 The meat diet is bigger than you think, it's time we all started to think! I just hope more people can digest this bigger picture. When the movie ends it will be too late, we won't be able to order a new Earth and start over. When the curtain drops it will be the end of the show. We are in the middle of a very destructive preview right now, and the coming attractions are really pretty frightening if you get the meat of what I am saying.

  I know it's not fair, why should you have to sacrifice. Meat feels like home. Right? I heard that somewhere, you know, Grandma's famous pot roast filling the house with the sweet aroma of fresh flesh. We need to reconsider what really matters, having a future!

  I have nothing against meat eater's, it's just a fact that the Earth was not designed to sustain an ever expanding meat eating population. The meat eating is not the only thing that is expanding, our waistlines, disease and faster food are all part of the expansion. Wild meat way back when was very low in saturated fat and cholesterol. What they ate was natural, native to the Earth and native to their species.

  Now with the controlled CAFO's (Contained Animal Feeding Operations) designing what the animals eat, our meat contains 4-6 times as much saturated fat, not to mention the chemicals, hormones and genetically engineered feed. We certainly want our slaughtered animals as big and juicy as possible, right?

 That beautiful marbling of saturated fat is a plus! I won't even go into what they add and do to the meat to make it appetizing and pretty sitting on the supermarket shelf. I'll save that for another article. Hopefully this will have some effect. A little less meat and a whole lot more complex carbohydrates will have an immense impact on our Mother Earth. Please do your homework on the meat diet, decide to lessen your affect on our planet. Moderation would be a great benefit to us all...

  If the 4 billion + carnivores on the planet would leave meat off the plate 1 or 2 times more a week we could really help effect a positive change in the right direction. I have a video that I think you should watch, it is very graphic and cruel. If you have a weak stomach I suggest you watch it on an empty stomach.

  Although it is disgusting to watch, it may help you take those 1-2 meat eating meals off the menu each week. It will also show you why the slaughterhouses are top secret and forbidden from public view. This and other video's were taken undercover and very discreetly by brave men and women for the ethical treatment of humans and animals. After all, we are what we eat! "Bon apetit!"

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Michael Elliott Herbalist/Contemporary Nutritionist

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