What Vitamins Are Good?


 What vitamins are good? Hopefully this article will enlighten you about vitamins and the massive marketing campaign designed to steal your money and your quality of health. After reading this you will be far more educated than nearly all doctors, dieticians, clinical nutritionists, supplement sales people at your local health food store and anyone else who thinks they have a grip on reality... 

 I know you are probably saying this guy must be an embarrassment to his family to make such a bold proclamation. You can decide what seems logical and what seems to be business as usual in our current state of out of control dis-information campaigns. Most of all, don't get mad at me, I'm only passing on some facts you probably don't know but need to know. Regardless, either I'm the idiot or they are. What are my odds? That's a big group of people...

 It's hard to find accurate information about what vitamins are good. Maybe you will better be able to decide for yourself after you read this ramble. I promise it's good and accurate...

 The deal is this information is very well guarded. It has been said more than once that the internet is 99% marketing and 1% the real deal. It's really hard to find research that is totally without bias or without the consideration of selling you their product....I'm not saying that the information is not valid, a lot of it is but a lot of it is leading, sleight of hand. You need to cherry pick the meat out of the information...Oh well, shall we?

 To start things off, vitamins are not supposed to be isolated, singular, stand alone, atomic compounds. They are an intricate biological conglomerate or grouping. They're biochemical interactions are dependent upon variables that must be present as the whole in order to have the intended affect inside our bodies. The entire conglomerate or complex of that vitamin must be present.

 That means all the parts and co-factors, not just a single isolated piece of it. If the cell only receives a part of what it needs to complete the transaction it will search within the body for the other necessary co-nutrients and co-factors to make it complete, this causes imbalances and totally freaks out your cells...I assume that is not your intended effect.


 When they are isolated into commercial forms, these refined synthetics act more like drugs in the body and should not be classified as vitamins at all. A forgotten trailblazer in the field of nutrition was a researcher named Royal Lee, he documented the facts about isolating vitamins and realized they could no longer be classified as vitamins with the complex of the whole disassembled and taken apart.

 For some reason his research and work did not sit well with the drug companies or the conventional medicine power brokers. I'm sure you heard about this research from some media resource, no? Yeah, me neither! He understood the question, what vitamins are good and he payed for his answer...

 Since much of his work exposed the massive fraud being perpetrated by the vitamin manufacturers, he was not only persecuted by the FDA for challenging the show me the money economics of the giant drug companies, but was actually ordered, in court, to burn all of his research from the last 20 years. Did you get that last part, court ordered to burn his research.

 In other words the judge was on the side of the drug company power brokers and dam if this information made it into the public domain. It could literally have killed a multi-billion dollar market. Ever wonder why the FDA stands on the side of the drug company money wagon when it comes down to it, and it is not in the least bit interested in your health and well being.

 Before the FDA was formed it was referred to as the Bureau of Chemistry. Up until 1912 the Bureau of Chemistry was headed by a Dr. Harvey W. Wiley. This is a quote from Dr. Wiley more or less confirming where he stood on the issues. “No food product in our country would have any trace of benzoic acid, sulfurous acid or sulfites or any alum or saccharin, save for medical purposes. No soft drink would contain caffeine or theobromine. No bleached flour would enter interstate commerce. Our foods and drugs would be wholly without any form of adulteration and misbranding. The health of our people would be vastly improved and the life greatly extended...

 The manufacturers of our food supply, and especially the millers, would devote their energies to improving the public health and promoting happiness in every home by the production of whole ground, unbolted cereal flours and meals.” (The History of a Crime Against the Pure Food Law, 1912)

 Turns out this was all a bunch of empty promises and never actually implemented into practice. Certainly this man could not remain in place making such monumental decisions on nutrition. Dr. Wiley actually filed suit against Coca Cola in an attempt to keep their artificial product out of interstate commerce and off the market. Lucky for us, or so it seemed, Dr. Wiley was finally replaced by a more competent individual, someone who had the best interests of the American people in mind according to the experts, the food manufacturers, ha!


 Introducing Dr. Elmer Nelson, this marked a great change in the philosophy of the Bureau of Chemistry and the FDA was born. This is a quote from the honorable Dr. Elmer Nelson. “It is wholly unscientific to state that a well-fed body is more able to resist disease than a poorly-fed body. My overall opinion is that there hasn't been enough experimentation to prove that dietary deficiencies make one susceptible to disease.” Elmer Nelson MD, Washington Post 26 October 1949...

 All during this period in our history Royal Lee was kept in the courts for many years fighting for his civil rights and his freedom to advertise his whole vitamin products, simply because he was a threat to the food manufacturers, the real decision makers. Lee knew they were poisoning the American consumer. His research proved that the refined sugars and devitalized, adulterated flours and foods were destroying the digestive systems and arteries causing cancer and cardiovascular disease...He knew what vitamins are good, the whole ones, not the ones taken apart and isolated...

 Getting back to the whole vitamin vs. a synthetic isolated nutrient. Most people believe that Vitamin C and ascorbic acid are the same thing. Not quite, ascorbic acid is an isolated, fractionated distillate of Vitamin C. Along with ascorbic acid, vitamin C contains bioflavonoids, rutin, factor P, factor J, factor K, Tyrosinase, Ascorbinogen and other micro components along with mineral co-factors in their proper amounts.

 If any are missing you are actually not consuming the true, naturally occurring Vitamin C. Like I mentioned before, when specific nutrients are missing, the body will try and track them down to make up the difference and complete the whole...If any of the components are missing, vitamin activity will not be activated. Ascorbic acid is described as the “antioxidant wrapper” of the vitamin C. It protects the active parts of the vitamin from oxidation...”A Lesson in Keeping an Open Mind” The Nutrition Report, Somer P58 Vitamin C...

 Vitamin C is one of the exceptions to the rule of obtaining our nutrition in its whole form. More recent research has proven that our bodies have a very definitive need for ascorbic acid, isolated or otherwise, in far greater quantities than our current RDA. I go into much greater detail in my article on "How to cure heart disease."

 About 90% of ascorbic acid is manufactured at a facility in New Jersey owned by the giant, Hoffman-LaRouche, one of the largest drug manufacturers. It used to be made through a process involving volatile acids and cornstarch. Nearly all vitamin companies buy their ascorbic acid from this manufacturer, at least they used to. The majority of ascorbic acid now comes out of China.  That's even scarier.   These companies then make their own labels, claims of efficacy and their own superior declarations. Marketing 101 right?


 They all claim to have the superior quality even though the majority of it was purchased from the same supplier. What the Chinese are doing to manufacture ascorbic acid would make you think twice about buying any vitamin C coming out of China. You can obtain great quality ascorbic acid and it will be noted on the label, "not from China".

 The ascorbic acid your buying and ingesting as vitamin C is many times just a chemical copy of the real thing. The synthetic copy your buying never grew in the ground, was never part of a growing, living entity and never even saw the light of day. A lot of it is a synthetic, chemical, a cornstarch derivative, a sulfuric acid by product.

 The body only needs minute quantities of any given vitamin on a daily basis. Large doses of any synthetic, isolated vitamin can have toxic effects on the immune system. Whole vitamins on the other hand require no immune response since the vitamin was delivered in its complex form and requires no further work to complete. Just kind of seems logical, doesn't it?

 I know you have all heard of scurvy, a disease caused by a vitamin C deficiency. A horrible disease characterized by bleeding gums, softening of the bones, slow wound healing, loose teeth, ulcerations of the mouth and digestive tract, weight loss and fatigue. Between 1650 and 1850 nearly half of all seamen on transoceanic voyages died from this dreaded disease.

 It was later discovered by Thomas Lind that citrus fruits with their vitamin C component spared the seamen from contracting scurvy altogether. Limes were the fruit of choice since they traveled well, hence the term Limeys coined to describe British sailors. It was only later on that they discovered potato's had the same effect on prisoners and seamen, and was much cheaper.

 There is approximately 20mg of Vitamin C in a potato, even so, this small amount was effective simply because it was taken in its whole, complex form. It not only prevented scurvy but cured it even in its advanced stages. Curiously the isolated ascorbic acid compound by itself was proven ineffective at preventing or curing the disease..

 The discoverer of vitamin C in 1937 , a Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said that isolated ascorbic acid could not induce vitamin activity and cure scurvy without the addition of the other co-factors in place. Royal Lee and Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi both determined that these co-factors were synergists and together sparked the “functional interdependence of biologically related nutrient factors.” (Empty Harvest p120).

 They coined the term “wheels within wheels” to describe the action of the whole complex working synergistically together. Vitamins C is an essential nutrient needed by the body. So if all this is true about isolated vitamin activity then why has it not been shouted across the airways for all to hear...

 Does the word “billion dollar industry” sound familiar, plus the drug manufacturers love the fact that ascorbic acid is dirt cheap to produce. Show me the money politics and a billion dollar industry keeps this information in obscurity and well guarded from public appraisal.


 Since the majority of vitamins cannot be made by the body, we must obtain them from the foods we eat. And yes your right that our soil has been depleted of its nutritional value, on top of that throw on some pesticides, air pollution and erosion.

 It's a well known fact that the soil of today has only a fraction of the minerals it did 50-100 years ago. The thing is that vitamins and minerals cannot be separated from their cellular function. They need each other! It's a very intricate bond, a love affair. Each one acts as a co-efficient of the other. I hope you are closer to answering the question yourself, what vitamins are good?

 Following on the footsteps of German agricultural methods (Von Leibig) in the mid 1800's, Americans discovered that NPK, (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) was all that was needed for the soil, the food just has to look good, right? The public has no clue, they will still think they are eating a nutritious, well balanced meal.

 So many other minerals like magnesium, zinc and copper are needed to stimulate vitamin activity. It really is a delicate symphony of co-factors and complexes working together as a whole that support optimal health. An interesting bit of trivia is that a plant synthesizes vitamins, the vitamins are not found in the soil. The plant makes them...If the plant is going to bear roots, seeds, flowers, leaves and or fruit it will, all by itself, produce all of the organic compounds and chemicals needed for its own survival.

 These plant derived organic chemicals and compounds needed by the human body are referred to as vitamins. Pretty simple, if the plant grows and looks good with all its necessary appendages then the vitamins should be there. So the marketing scare tactic for why you need vitamin supplementation because the soils have been depleted is just not 100% valid. Vitamins don't come from the soil, minerals do...

 I know this is a huge controversy and most internet sites will state that it is impossible to get all of our necessary vitamins from our severely depleted soils. Therefore you need to be taking my vitamin supplements or you will die prematurely and walk with a limp for the rest of your life, whatever works right? Only seems reasonable being that the large pharmaceutical companies mass produce the majority of isolated vitamins in the world.

 There are well over 100 different companies that sell synthetic vitamins in the U.S. alone. It typically comes down to who has the catchiest label, the brightest promises of exceptional health and the lure of a superior immune system on the packaging...Caveat Emptor.

The safest, most practical and beneficial way to take vitamins is the way our Creator initially packaged them. He put all that stuff together for a reason, and He is not concerned with any potential profits!


 I guess you can believe whoever or whatever makes the most sense to you. I decide by what seems logical, what forms of nutrition have cured cancer and a whole host of other life long infirmities. It is certainly a very heated debate, it gets even hotter when you mix in profits, huge ego's and the inability to admit maybe I was wrong! I'm open to the possibility I could be wrong, I'm just deciding to follow what has actually been proven with my own eyes and firsthand experience.

 I choose to buy my nutrition in its original packaging. Man has screwed up to many things in the name of money and profits and seems to very cleverly find a way to twist his research in the direction of his wallet. Man's answer to what vitamins are good is all of them, whatever works to fatten his bank account...

 We receive our nutrition from whole foods through digestion. The nutrients then flow into the bloodstream where they are delivered to our 100 trillion+ cells, give or take a billion. I don't think anyone has ever counted out the exact number, and if they have or are they are still counting. The blood then passes through the cell membrane into the cytoplasm or the cells inner fluid. If there are too few or to many of any particular nutrient, then imbalances occur, creating improper cellular function and the potential for disease.

 When you receive your nutrients in whole food form, the integrity of the complex remains intact, and the body will not have to draw on its own reserves to try and complete and reassemble the whole. Sounds pretty simple...

 You know your body is a very busy body. Where do you think that saying came from (busy body). It is constantly at work doing its best to keep you disease free and in optimal health. Like I mentioned earlier, to keep the body functioning at its best, all the players in the game need to be in position. I know most will say that taking isolated supplements is necessary and that the body will take what it needs and eliminate the rest.

 Of course it will, remember I said it is always working for your benefit. Why don't you work for its benefit. It really creates a burden when your body is constantly scavenging from its reserves, trying to complete and find all the missing parts of the whole in its attempt to remake the complex compound that man took apart. You could save your body a lot of trouble by ingesting the whole vitamin or food intact. Why do we make it so difficult?

 Can't you see how much more efficient things would be? Your reserves would be undiminished and your body would use that extra time and energy to fight off more threatening issues. You can't change the bodies innate senses.


 What nature made as a necessary complex nutrient got disassembled by man in the desire for massive profits, nature will attempt to reconstruct and put back together again, if it can, it has too, it's what it does, it's what it needs to keep you from having to see the doctor.

 Hopefully you have reserves left to complete the transaction, but then if you have been taking isolated vitamins for any length of time then there is a good chance your reserves are already slim to none, especially if you eat a less than healthy diet and are relying on a supplement to compensate for your bad eating habits. Naughty naughty. If that is the case then your system is an unbalanced ball of deficiencies. You really are messing with a very intricate and life enhancing metabolic process...This will take its toll down the road.

 There is way to much disturbing junk science out there. The name of the game is money money money. Your health is not an issue when it comes to profits, it is a very emotional state of susceptibility. Most of us do not want to die young or infirm so we are all easy targets for the promised land. They use the lure of earth shattering technological breakthroughs into human epidemiology to suck us in, and suck we do.

 Have you ever looked up the definition of Vitamin?: “any of a group of organic substances essential in small quantities to normal metabolism, found in minute amounts in natural foodstuffs or sometimes produced synthetically: deficiencies of vitamins produce specific disorders.” A Dr. C. Funk, the man who came up with the word vitamin had this to say about synthetics: “Synthetic vitamins: these are highly inferior to vitamins from natural sources, also the synthetic product is well known to be far more toxic.” Did you get that part of the definition? “Small quantities, minute amounts, far more toxic.” It's not just me rambling nonsense.

 Remember that 20mg of vitamin C in the potato being able to cure scurvy? Low potency, that's really all we need. The high potency promise on the label over shoots the ideal. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!

 Let's look at Vitamin A, it was first discovered in 1919. Early in 1930, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, LaRouche, had successfully synthesized Vitamin A. A chemical copy of the natural Vitamin A.

 In April of 1994 a report in the New England Journal of Medicine stated conclusively that of 30,000 Finnish subjects (that would be people from Finland), the synthetic vitamin A had no antioxidant effect whatsoever. In fact the subjects who received the synthetic version of beta-carotene had an 8% higher incidence of fatal heart attacks, strokes and lung cancer than those taking the placebo.

 This dead, devitalized synthetic actually had a toxic effect on the immune system and added stress to the liver and kidneys which had to break down and remove this toxic, foreign chemical from the body. First the body searches for the other parts of the original complex, if available, the body will attempt to put it back together.


 Like I mentioned before, why put all this added stress on the body from these bogus foreign chemicals when it is readily available in complex form from our food choices. In the Finnish study smokers were given large doses of synthetic beta-carotene, an excellent cancer fighter right? Not quite, lung cancer increased by 18%. These statistics are available from the NEJM April 94 “The Alpha Tocopherol Beta Carotene Cancer Prevention Study.” Vitamin consumption is over the top, if we really knew what vitamins are good you would think we would have a better and more promising disease statistic...

 It is readily available in carrots, winter squash, kale, spinach, collards, beet greens, turnip greens and pumpkins. There have been further studies written in the Lancet that stated pharmaceutical doses of synthetic beta-carotene actually blocked the antioxidant activity of the other 50 naturally occuring carotenoids. So anti-cancer activity was blocked by the chemical form.

 In a study of synthetic vitamin B, 100% of a group of pigs became sterile. Don't you think it a bit strange that this information and groundbreaking research by Royal Lee and Dr. Harvey Wiley were lost into oblivion. This should be front page news right? It's called control of information and they are very good at what they do.

 The basic concepts and ideals necessary for critical cellular human function are simply not publicized, not when they interfere with the medical money making machine. You can find this information, I highly recommend you do, it will take some vetting and vision to determine what is real and what is fabricated as an illusion of real.

 Odd how 100 years ago when a doctor saw a case of cancer it was an anomaly and colleagues rushed to have a look. Chances were they may not see another case anytime soon. Way back then the word heart attack didn't even exist yet.


 So what were people eating? Foods that were not processed or refined with preservative chemicals and drugs, or irradiated... But then the food would spoil much faster and that affected the bottom line...Business is business and the medical industry is a business after all. Just wouldn't make sense to share a great way to not be co-dependent on their product!

 The medical establishment is beaming, the drug manufacturers are swimming in 24kt gold pools, the food manufacturers are whistling dixie and God knows what else, probably a rap version of dixie all the way to the bank. You think they swallow hard and wipe their eyes when you get diagnosed with cancer? Hmmmmm, I would guess no!

 Just think of all the foods that can last months and even years now with all this wonderful new state of the art preservative technology. Could it be that this ground breaking preservative technology from years ago is finally rearing its ugly head. We are getting sicker as a country. Maybe it's time to pay the piper.

 We have really progressed as a society. The WHO rated the U.S. at #39 in infant mortality, male sperm count is less than 20% of what it was in 1929, 1 in 3 females and 1 in 2 males will contract that incredibly rare cancer everybody seems to be fighting, 1 in 2 will die of heart disease. If you were born after 2003, there is a 1 in 3 chance of contracting type II diabetes. Kind of a backwards trend don't you think?

 The biggest advertisers on T.V. and printed media are the food and drug manufactrurers. Could it be their advertising dollars pay the media elites their exorbitant salaries, is that why they don't report and print the truth about your health and vitamins.

 Do they want you to be informed about how important your diet is, how important it is to eat unrefined, unprocessed leave it the hell alone foodstuffs. I don't think so. If you die from not knowing this critical information, do they care? They really don't. After all, ironically, it's a hard pill to swallow, but swallow we do, and if they can attach a smile to that swallow then all the best!

 So, what do you do now? Any ideas? I bet you know of a few, at least you have a better grip on the truth about vitamins (or is it the truth) and why the mega dosed synthetic chemicals they call vitamins can actually cause you harm.  I'm just guessing that's not your intention. I'm not trying to be holier than thou. I used to be ignorant too. Now I'm not and neither are you. Nice!


 Dr. Henry Bieler once said “Nature, if given the opportunity, is always the greatest healer. It is the physician's role to assist in this process. When's the last time your physician offered up anything besides another prescription? It's not their fault, they don't get taught the basics of diet in medical school. If they did it was the bare necessities. I've never been asked what my diet was like, never...

That has to be wrong, it shouldn't be like this. We are what we eat is pretty accurate. Look at us, look at yourself. Carrying any extra baggage around your middle, how about your butt? Chances are that was something you ate or continue to eat. You know who you are. You can usually pick out the people that eat a healthy diet. How? Their skin looks good, they have energy and the majority are pretty happy. They get their nutrition from good food in it's untouched, unprocessed, whole state.

  I'm not saying that all vitamins across the board are bad for you. You just really need to consider the importance of the whole ensemble. A lot of companies place great importance on packaging the whole nutrient. They take great care in leaving it alone. They do their best to stuff an apple into a capsule. I'm just saying beware of all the twisted and misleading claims.

 Thing is, if you confidently believe all the hype their advertising dollars have conveyed with their pie in the sky, immune altering panaceas, your mind will help to create a somewhat positive effect. It will still be taxing and toxic to your body but you will feel much better about poisoning your system. So what vitamins are good? I think they're all good, we just need them the way nature packaged them...

 Where do we go from here? What makes sense to you? Do you really think that taking a few man-made vitamins will fix you? Kind of a slap in God's face to think that man can make a better mousetrap. Seems the more we learn about messing with the environment and everything else the more we try to put it back the way it was...

Please leave a comment and or any questions...

Michael Elliott - Herbalist/Contemporary Nutritionist/Health Coach Michael@healne1.com