A good friend of mine's husband was having some uncomfortable type nerve pain in the back of his neck and upper spine. Little jolts of what seemed like electrical shocks. They decided to make an appointment with their doctor right away. He went in for some scans and was told he would be contacted as soon as the results were available.

 He got a call the very next day and was told he needed emergency surgery to repair an issue in his cervical spine. It was cutting off and pinching the spinal cord thus affecting nerve impulses. The doctor informed him that they were lucky to have found this early. He was a Vietnam vet and had suffered some injuries while on tour many years previously.

 He was then told prior to surgery that he would need blood transfusions and that his wife should call as many friends as possible to secure an adequate supply of blood. He and his wife have been representatives for Juice Plus for over 15 years. They have also been loyal and religious users of Juice Plus. They have been taking Juice Plus (Orchard & Garden blends), the red and green capped containers and they also take the (Vineyard blend), the purple topped container. That adds up to 26 whole fruits, vegetables, berries and grains.

 His wife decided that if her husband was going to need blood, she wanted "good blood" as she stated it. She wasn't going to mess around with just any old person's blood. She decided to email her list of Juice Plus customers and representatives. She informed them that her husband was going to need blood for an emergency surgery being performed in the following days. The hospital was a decent drive away so she wasn't sure how many if any would be able to make the 20-40 mile drive into Los Angeles.

If my husband is going to need blood, he needs to have ‘Good Blood.’

 Being the kind and energetic people that they are, they had many close friends that had been taking Juice Plus regularly. She had somewhere around 20 people show up to donate blood. I absolutely promise that this is not an ad for Juice Plus. This is a very real, very straight forward recount of this critical and potentially life changing event.

 After the surgery, one of the nurses came up to my friend and asked about Juice Plus. The nurse mentioned that all of the blood donors that came in had written down Juice Plus where it asks on the application the types and names of medicines or supplements you're currently taking. The nurse was perplexed. She said that the blood values of typical donors were around 12 or less and that all of the Juice Plus donors blood values came in between 13-18. She had never seen anything like it and asked if my friend could leave any brochures or research material describing exactly what Juice Plus was in more detail. She very happily obliged.