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 I am an all around decent, honest, humble, always looking for the truth kind of person. I like to open windows that have purposely been kept shut and are usually hiding something we need to know or see…. I have a beautiful bride and lifelong best friend, Stephanie and 3 children to look after, a 19 year old son and two twin 14 year old teenage stepdaughters.

I Really Hope I Can Help

  There is nothing in this life more valuable than your health and the health of the people you love. You can have all the money in the world, the perfect relationship, the perfect family and the greatest friends but, without your health, it's all for naught. You can't buy back your health once you've lost it. So how did we get where we are? So many people are dying far too young and suffering a whole host of debilitating diseases. Why? How did we let this happen and why are so many of us doing nothing to change that? How and why did we lose our way?. I mean, cancer shouldn't be a factor in our lives anymore but, it is, now more than ever.

 So, I started thinking about what I might be able to do to help. I've been down the cancer road and I have so much potentially life saving, helpful, healing information, maybe I could get my message out to a few people. With the internet, I actually have the chance to reach millions of people. How incredible would that be? Share what I have learned from trial and error with the hopes of saving someone else a fate similar to mine. Maybe they listen, maybe they don't. I still feel the need to speak up, to try. 1 person would be worth it for me. I might be able to change the course of someone's life. That's what life's all about right? Avoiding mistakes by passing on the wisdom of those who have traveled the road before us. Instead of dwelling on the pain, find the positive and the lesson in our experience. Share a piece of your heart hoping to connect and influence someone else's heart. We need to come together with support, love and touch for one another. We need to hold each other up...


Why I am So Passionate About Prevention

 My wife and I had horses for over 30 years. She was in excellent shape and was able to ride each of her horses nearly everyday. One day while out on the trail, she experienced a sharp pain in the upper left side of her chest. She decided to take it easy for a few days. Unfortunately, several nights later she shot up in bed agonizing over this piercing, stabbing, relentless pain in her chest. It was in the same general area just above her left breast . It seemed pretty serious and possibly more than just a pulled muscle so, at 2 o'clock in the morning we drove the 30 miles north to the local emergency room in Gardnerville, Nevada. They did their best to calm her down with a sedative or two and decided she needed an x-ray. They diagnosed her with pneumonia and sent her home with a powerful antibiotic and some Vicodin to help alleviate and help control her pain. At least now we knew what we were dealing with

 Several days went by and her pain didn't seem to be getting any better so, we decided it might be a good idea to go back in and see the doctor. The emergency room doctor suggested we go see a respiratory specialist. They might be able to prescribe something more effective. I called immediately and made the appointment, we ended up in their office the following day.

I believe there is hope and healing for everyone on some level. It doesn’t matter what your affliction. Holistic medicine heals, conventional medicine makes your affliction more comfortable to live with, nothing more.

 The specialist examined her and more or less confirmed the diagnosis of pneumonia. He mentioned that 1 out of a 100 people didn't respond to that antibiotic and reassured us that this one should do the trick. I said, "really, you think she is that 1 out of a 100?" He said yes and proceeded to send us home again with some more Vicodin along with another round of a different and supposedly more powerful antibiotic. I tried to explain to the doctor how much pain she was in and that I really didn't think she was that 1 in a 100. Not to be negative but I wanted some other type of procedure to nail down and re-confirm the current diagnosis. I was witness to her cries from the pain and I didn't want my spouse to suffer any more than necessary. He informed me that the only other test would be a needle biopsy of her lung, and that it was much too dangerous, he could possibly puncture a lung.

 Anyways, long story, we went back and forth arguing, he finally relented and decided to keep her overnight for the procedure. Without going into the specific details of that misguided nightmare,  the following day we found ourselves standing at the door of yet another doctor. This time it was a Dr. Black, an oncologist., a cancer doctor, the needle biopsy had come back positive for cancer. Needless to say we were in total shock, absolute denial and disbelief. After all, we were living our fantasy life. We had just purchased our 50 acre ranch home 2 years ago right in the middle of this magnificent, pristine valley. We were able to watch our horses out the front window galloping back and forth across the pasture and my business commute was from the house to an old milking barn I had converted into a woodshop. Life was too perfect.

 So, we're sitting in cold anticipation pondering the severity of her situation. Would she have to undergo some type of treatment? Would they just remove it surgically? Whatever it was this would probably keep her off her horses for a couple of weeks at least. We were told that this doctor was very good at his job but that he lacked any bedside manners, he was very direct and straight to the point. He held true to his reputation. He kind of shuffled through the reports and then he very solemnly informed us that my wife had adeno-carcinoma of the lung, stage IV and that she would probably be dead in 6 months. He explained that her cancer had more than likely started growing 15-20 years ago. Whatever injury had occurred while riding her horse, finally produced a strong enough symptom to reveal this demon that was slowly and silently strangling the life right out of my wife. How could this happen, no warning signs, no distress signals, no noticeable changes in what we thought was her great health.

Take Action

 We used to eat a lot of packaged foods and desserts, you know, the quick and easy stuff. We were too busy playing outdoors to spend too much time indoors cooking. Why hadn't anybody warned us about what we were eating. Why didn't somebody say something. Doesn't everybody have that one person in the family that's the health nut, you know, that person everyone tries to avoid, the one that always makes you feel guilty about whatever it is you are doing.

 I kept wondering, where was that messenger I wish would have shown up in our lives 20 years ago. God how I wish someone would have shown up and said HEY! You guys can't keep eating that worthless synthetic crap, ever hear of fruits and vegetables?. You can't keep eating that processed, quick and easy, packaged, worthless, anti-nutritious junk food. Your body and your cells need the phyto-nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. It's not negotiable, your cells will die or disease if you don't give them what they need to survive and thrive. If you're not eating your 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday then you're eventually going to get sick. You're going to end up paying for your incoherent food choices one way or another. Just because you feel fine right now doesn't mean everything IS FINE. This is so much bigger than you know. I pray that my story is powerful enough to have some sort of an impact on the way you eat. You do have control of your destiny. Your genetic destiny is in great part determined by your diet, the fuel you decide to put in the tank.

 There is only one person out there looking after your health and it's not the government. So many people still don't get it. It's called prevention. It's a type of health insurance with something you do everyday, eat. God only knows what could be growing inside of you or your child right now. Are you seriously going to get radioactive scans on every part of your body every 3 months to stay on top of things to make sure you never get surprised? I guess that's an option if you decide not to pay attention and practice prevention.

 Nobody ever said anything to us, if they did say something, they certainly didn't make a point of it or make it stick. I going to try and make it stick. I have to, it's my calling now. I not only lost my wife but, I lost my house and my business trying to save her with treatments. After the fact treatments. That prevention thing looks ridiculously cheap to me now when I consider the costs after the fact. Our health Insurance even canceled us because it cost so much.

 Treatment is so incredibly, unbelievably, off the charts expensive, it can cost you what used to be your life. Let's see, that prevention thing for the price of a cheap cup of coffee everyday looks pretty reasonable now. How in the world could anyone possibly say no to practicing prevention. It should be mandatory. Think of the savings in health care costs, more importantly think of the suffering and lives that could be saved. What about a more comfortable and less worrisome quality of life.

 Anyways, I'm your messenger. I've studied natural health now for over 10 years. It is my passion and my calling. Fruits and vegetables are the greatest single thing anyone can do for their health and for the health of everyone they love. There isn't another option. 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. When your whole world comes crashing down and there's no one left to blame but yourself, you have to ask yourself one question. Why didn't I pay more attention? In the end it all comes down to...Who's guarding your health?

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