Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes

Life is short & success never comes to look for you while you wait around thinking about it. You are what you do, not what you say you'll do. Being skilled does not guarantee success. Success is more about digging deep and having the passion to push forward no matter what. It's about having an unwavering attitude where failure is not an option.                                    

Warren Buffet, Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki are all involved in this business. It is by no means a sham, a pyramid, a joke or if you listen to your friends "It's a waste of time, "It" doesn't work!" Of course, "that" part is true "IT" doesn't work" YOU DO!

 The only way this business will work for you is by finding a product or service you absolutely love. It has to be a product you can put your heart and soul into, something you are very passionate about. If your belief is questionable and your product is inferior, It will come across in your energy and in your eyes. The greatest benefit of word of mouth marketing is that the money saved on global advertising is typically put back into producing a superior product...

This is not a get rich quick scheme. Could you get rich quick? Absolutely, but, you do have to work for it. It's really easy to start part time, you don't give me any money and, the best part, my success is dependent upon your success. That's how "it" does work...

Summary: A $50 dollar investment and your self-employed. No inventory, no stock, no rent. I make money when you make money. You can work at it or not work at it. You get to choose, remember, you're the boss now. Where is the scam? Where are the risks?

So, would it be okay if you got an extra paycheck every month. Would it be okay if Uncle Sam didn't take all your hard earned money every month in taxes? Would it be okay if you didn't have a boss, a horrible commute, an 8-10 hour day or an alarm clock waking you up at the crack of dawn every morning?

Are you frustrated with barely scratching by every month, living a mediocre life and working a job that you hate simply because they have great benefits? I've been there. I'm sick of working for what someone else thinks I'm worth. I'm looking for people who are as determined as me.

Is the American dream really about working 40 hours a week for 40 years and retiring on 40% of your current income. Really? Many are barely getting by on 100% of their income. How's that retirement thing looking?

In this business you become a part of a team, my team. It's easier then you think if you're willing to put in some time. Maybe 10-15 hours a week. Of course, there is  no penalty if you decide to work it 1 hour a week or 50 hours a week, it doesn't matter, whatever you decide you want to put into it. Again, It's your choice. Do you want to make an extra $300 dollars a month, $500, $1,000, $10,000. There is no limit, that's the beauty of network marketing. You do the work once and get paid over and over again whether you show up for work or not. Are you really happy with your current job or current working arrangements? Watch this short video!!!

 This isn't a difficult business. It's not about selling. It's about breaking FREE, it's about living an extraordinary life with the FREEDOM to live life on your own terms. If you're an employee, your working for somebody else's dreams, what about your dreams and the dreams you have for your family? If you're okay living in uncertainty, staying for the long haul and trusting that your job will be safe all the way through to retirement and that years from now some machine won't come along and replace you then, this business probably isn't for you.

 Maybe your going to college. Maybe your taking classes at night or on the side. The majority of people go to college to learn how to be a great employee. They work hard all their lives ensuring their boss has a really comfortable retirement and a really comfortable, upscale quality of life but, what about your quality of life, your comfort, aren't the richest people in the world self employed? Don't they have people like you and me working our butts off to support their unbelievable lifestyle? You go to college for 4-8 years, graduate, and end up with $50,000-$200,000 dollars of debt you have to pay back. How many more years will it take to pay that off. You could put 4-8 years into network marketing, work for yourself, work with a team that only succeeds if you succeed and retire at the end of 4-8 years. Hmmm, no debt, no boss, no alarm clock, no job insecurity and freedom to live your life on your terms. Is it really that hard to decide which way to go? Network marketing is the new future. All the big companies are getting involved.

 Is it a get rich quick scheme? Is it a sign up and do nothing and watch the checks start rolling in? No! If you have it ingrained in your head by friends that said they joined a network marketing company before and that it doesn't work, they are right, it doesn't work, you do! They have been burned and sold out by empty promises and get rich quick schemes and now they are bitter and resentful. God forbid it was real and you knocked it out of the park! The beautiful thing about network marketing is that you decide when you want to work, how much you want to work and if you want to work at all that day.

Network Marketing is about joining a team of people that are working towards the same goal. Financial Freedom! Everyone on your team has a stake in your success. I don't make any money if you fail. The only way I win is if you win. It seems like such a simple decision. What do you have to lose, $50 dollars and a few hours here and there? There is no other business model in the world where people work together and claim responsibility for each others success. The team only wins when everybody else wins. How scary is that?

I'm looking for people who get excited about calling their own shots! People who are excited to reach for their dreams! People who are honestly excited and enthusiastic about helping other people achieve the same things we all want in our life. A beautiful home, vacations with the family, time with our kids, healthy food, nice clothes and most importantly, being able to help others that may be struggling. What if what you represented was something the whole world knows we don't get enough of. What if it was the number 1 most researched and documented nutritional product in the world? What if it was a proven necessity and actually transformed people's health, including their children's health? That's the gravy. You have to be truly invested in helping others. You have to be passionate about helping others, it's never just about us. That's how network marketing works, if you help enough other people get everything they want, then, everything you want falls into place automatically. You just have to commit and put in a little effort. Imagine your life if it really did work?

Network Marketing companies rely on the most effective form of advertising on the planet. "Word of mouth" advertising. Instead of spending millions of dollars in traditional advertising, they put their money into producing a superior quality product. With the social media explosion, word of mouth is without a doubt, the marketing model of the 21st century. Don't take my word for it. The facts are indisputable. Network marketing companies prefer to pay representatives to "word of mouth" share their recommendations of a product instead of spending millions of dollars on old, outdated forms of advertising. "STOP" take just a moment to watch the video below. It will clarify and drive home the beautiful concept of this business...

So what exactly are we marketing to our customers? It's a product that I eat, sleep and breathe. This product has greatly enhanced countless lives through whole food nutrition. The fact that you get to make an income while helping others drastically improve their health and the health of their families is very gratifying. Check out the Great Story under "Make a Difference" at the very top of this page on why I'm so passionate about Juice Plus. It's whole fruits and whole vegetables in a capsule. Juice Plus was originally marketed to the pharmaceutical companies. They were not interested. They are not interested in anything that might lessen our dependence on pharmaceutical medications. That sounds reasonable right? I mean they're in business to sell drugs, that's where the big money is, it's certainly not in fruits and vegetables but, you already knew that. Juice Plus is simple, back to basics. It's 100% nature made, beyond organic and backed by incredible documented research and science. Before you decide read more details Here

This Will Give You An Idea Of The Power Of Network Marketing

You only have to ask yourself 2 questions...

Do I want more money in my life or less? Hmmm, I'm guessing MORE! and...

Do I want to live a long healthy life or die young? Hmmm LIVE right?

You have to be at least curious, what if it was really easy and something you do everyday anyways. What if you got paid a commission for recommending a business. I'm sure you've told your friends before, "Wow, you have to try this restaurant, they make the best sandwiches ever.": What if you got a commission check every time they ordered a sandwich or someone they referred ordered a sandwich. Such a simple concept. Email me when you get sick and tired of that 9-5 thing. Email: