Is This You?

Are you terrified right now from a recent cancer diagnosis? Are you paralyzed with fear wondering what you should do next? What if you could start killing cancer cells immediately? I'm sure the thought of chemotherapy and or radiation scares the hell out of you? It should. Where do you start? What do you do? Who do you believe? Do you just blindly follow the advice of your doctor or do you investigate your alternatives?

I promise you are in the right place. I wrote this book so you would not have to suffer through the insanity that I did. My wife was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer at 41 years old. They said they could try chemotherapy but it probably wouldn't help, we were desperate, she was dying. I needed to save my wife.

This is not another book chronicling the long drawn out details of our journey. Of course I added in some personal details, I want to connect with you.

It is about how to balance your body fluids, blood and pH. It is about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. It is about what supplements have been proven to kill cancer cells and why cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. It is about how you can create that oxygen rich environment.

It is also written so you can understand and put some logic behind why these protocols work. Most of all, it's about not waiting and not harming your body. Simple things you can start implementing today! These simple things will not destroy your healthy cells, they will not cause damage to your organs, you will not lose your hair. They will begin the process of reversing the cause. They work and have been proven to work by many before you. Here is an interesting interview...

An investigative journalist was interviewing a brain cancer specialist. He asked the doctor if he would submit to radiation if he was diagnosed with cancer. He politely replied no, and that he would not allow a family member to undergo radiation treatments either. The journalist paused and then asked if he prescribed radiation to his own patients. Of course, he replied, the hospital would fire me if I didn't.

Thousands of people worldwide have cured their cancers without chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. They have cured their cancers without destroying their body in the process. Why is this so hard for us to believe? Because our beliefs have been very cleverly conditioned to believe what they want us to believe.